4 Recommended Apps that will help you keep back in Focus

With the bunch of content online, it’s easy to get lost into trending topics, funny memes, or watching a new episode of your favorite cooking show even when you’ve got tasks to do. If you have a hard time staying productive because you can’t resist distractions, try these apps and tools that will help improve your focus and accomplish tasks with ease.

Focus Keeper

Is a time management app that follows the Pomodoro Technique. It’s basically a timer app where you distribute your work time into 25-minute chunks and reward yourself with 5-minute breaks in between. It feels less intimidating and more achievable than trying to be in deep focus for one hour straight.

Available on IOS and Android

Rescue Time


Helps you understand your productivity by tracking your time spent on different applications and websites. You’ll receive detailed reports on what goes in the way of your productivity and exactly where your time goes. With this, you’ll learn the sites to avoid the next time you’re working and trying to meet deadlines.


Available on IOS and Android



Is a tool that gives you the choice to block different sites and apps. The best feature is it allows you to sync apps you want to be blocked across all your devices without any limits. With Freedom, you’ll be able to block distractions wherever you are or whatever you’re doing.

Available on IOS and Android



Is an application that helps you with your focus and teaches accountability. It takes an interesting approach with deep focus: a tree is planted when you set a timer and if you break it or gets distracted, it will die. If you finish your task successfully, you’ll earn coins to buy more species of trees or donate them to have trees planted IRL through Trees for the Future.

Available on IOS and Android


Author: Jessica Umerez


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