5 Common Mistakes While Getting A Job In Dubai

    As one of the most popular business hubs in the world, Dubai is a favorite among business and management job seekers. The Emirate is the easiest place in the world to start and grow a business. Dubai’s positive and progress-conducive environment, luxurious lifestyle, and glamor has attracted people from all walks of life to find a job in Dubai. Along with its business sector, tourism and hospitality has also grown over the years, attracting more job seekers.

    Here are five common mistakes a person does while getting a job in Dubai:

    1. Visiting Dubai during the wrong month for finding work

    Dubai is an Arab city, which means it has very hot summers and the Islamic month of Ramadan or the ending of Eid. Most companies don’t function much during these two periods every year. If you visit Dubai during this time, your chances of getting a job is very low.

    The best months to Dubai to seek work is during January, December, and from beginning of June until mid July. Most companies hire new staff during these months.

    2. Applying for jobs online

    If you are applying from out of Dubai, for example India, you aren’t doing enough to get a job if you just apply on online portals. Going on social media and job portals to find a job is one thing, but flying to Dubai and visiting companies is another thing.

    If you think going there would be too risky, google the companies, get their phone number, and ask if there’s a vacancy. If you feel your qualification matches their job requirement, then you can go visit Dubai for an interview.

    3. Using the same resume for different job openings

    Even though the job openings you want to apply to are similar in nature, they aren’t exactly the same. Tweak your resume a little and highlight the points you want that company’s HR to see.

    An HR doesn’t spend more than 12 seconds to read a resume. You have to plan what you want the person to see in your resume within than short span of time. Customize your resume to increase your chances of getting a job in Dubai.

    4. Getting scammed by agents

    Do not always be completely dependent on agents. Most of these agencies are looking forward to looting all your money and leaving with no job and cash. Do your own research and never pay money to agencies. No agency takes money from job seekers, but in fact take commission from the employer.

    You don’t have much control over the process when you are living in another country and have to trust the agents, but you can find an alternative. You can ask people and make references on social media.

    5. Forgetting gender-related interview etiquette

    The United Arab Emirates is an Islamic nation, so when you go for an interview, you need to practice well. Always show respect to any person you come across. If you are a woman, you are expected not to shake hands with men but just give a nod.

    Islam is all about being polite, so always let the interviewee finish their sentence and then you explain yourself. Practice interviews with your friends or family. Be straightforward, don’t fumble, and always be polite.

    Always be quick to grab any opportunity you get. Getting a job in Dubai is a competition in itself, so be alert, smart, and but not too desperate.

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