6 Photography Courses in Dubai

Dubai is a photographer’s fantasy because of the sun-toned cityscapes and colorful nightlife. Apart from giving professionals a lead to click some of the best images, Dubai also helps aspiring photographers to learn more about their passion. Check out the top courses that you can avail to expand your knowledge of photography.

Digit Photography (Basic) – Lotus Educational Institute

Lotus Educational Institute offers a 30-hour photography course scheduled in specific dates upon your inquiry. This is for amateurs who need to learn the basics of photography like light, camera, optics, techniques, terminology, and more. Join and learn the basics tips of photography and start gathering practical experience with the cost of 2,800 AED only.

Learn Your Camera – Fo2Art Dubai

Fo2Art Dubai brings to you a 20-hour course at 3,000 AED that practically teaches you to ‘learn your camera’. Here you are taught the basics of how your camera operates, and everything about pixels, ISO, resolution, focus lock, and more. You will be introduced to types of lenses and develop the foundation of photography.

Photography Short Course – SAE Institute

SAE Institute is offering a great opportunity for everyone at the age of 17 and above to come and learn the basics of their DSLR. The students have to carry their own cameras for the classes and learn through a course of one month. The session is going to help them for qualifying in their academics, which is why it is open to young lads. The cost to avail this course is 5,000 AED.

Dynamic Food Photography – Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

Food photography is not just about clicking on the tastiest treats in exotic Dubai restaurants, but also about specialization of how the images can become an advertisement, menu, cookbook or packaging artwork. The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management offers you a 2 days course at the cost of 3,800 AED to teach you how to make tasty food look tastier.

Photography Advanced – Atlas Educational Institutes

Atlas Educational Institutes specializes in different photography courses that you can choose depending on what you want to learn. The courses are for students who already have the basic idea of photography and can follow up on the specific genre. The courses are Fashion Photography, Abstract Photography, Product Photography, and Macro and Still Life. The charges and time span for each course will differ from one another.

One Light Photography – Fo2Art Dubai

Fo2Art Dubai brings you one more course that only commences through a four-hour workshop, and at the cost of 350 AED. It helps you know about light sources, modifiers, inverse square law, light meter, light rule, and position, live shooting, and more. You have to bring your own camera, memory card, manual and take down notes.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also opt for 101 Photography Light Workshop, Photographer’s workflow from raw to printed artwork, from Fo2Art Dubai. You might also like a course on Studio Lighting, and Night Photography from Lotus Educational Institute or get the basics from Atlas Educational Institutes too.

*Cost mentioned may change time to time. We suggest to check with institute for latest fees.

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