Al Marmoom Desert Attractions

You trip to UAE isn’t complete until you explore the beautiful deserts there. If you have been wanting to enjoy a day trip full of actions in a Dubai desert, we highly recommend the Al Marmoom.

There are plenty of things to do – from going off roading to watching a sky full of stars in the night. We list you all the options and you can choose the ones you’d like to go along with.

Cycling across the dunes

Driving through central Dubai will lead you to the cycling route of Al Qudra. It is a 86 km track that takes you through the desert. The main loop starts from Seih Al Salam and is 50 km long. The extension goes 15 to 20 km further while ‘The Stick’ runs along.

Most visitors choose this cycling route as it is a flat track and can be tackled by solo riders. The entire trip can take you around one and a half to three hours. If you plan your tour in advance and start off before the sunrise, you will experience the most beautiful dawn in Dubai.

Spot animals

Al Marmoom Desert animals

The Al Marmoom desert include camels, birds, and gazelles as common inhabitants that you can spot on your visit.

The endangered Arabian Oryx is one animal breed that UAE has tried really hard to retain and has also been successful with proper breeding programs. You will notice many conservation areas if you are offroading on the desert, and those are the best places to spot these animals.

The series of Al Qudra homes 170 bird species and some of them are the endangered Steppe Eagle, Asian Houbara, and more.

People, who love to bird-watch, can opt for half or full day guided tours and know about all the bird species they spot.

Picnic by the waters

The Al Qudra lakes give you the apt atmosphere to plan a picnic. These manmade water bodies amidst the deserted land is an ideal place to get an oasis-like feeling as you peacefully enjoy all that you brought in your food basket.

Watch camels race

Al Marmoom Desert camel race

The Al Marmoom Camel Racing track will let you watch camels racing, just like the Emiratis traditionally have. The camels are dressed up with their owner’s identity and as the race begins, the owners follow them on four wheels.

Visiting the city during September will let you catch these races on weekends. During spring, the 12-day affair of the Al Marmoom Heritage Festival is another time to experience the thrill.

Count stars

If you plan to spend a day and experience all that we have listed above, don’t miss out on the night sky. The desert is lighted up by millions of stars. The Emiratis have a historical and cultural significance of stargazing, and it is definitely an activity to experience on a deserted land.

If you have a guide along with you at late hours, they can tell you how they figure out the time and direction to move in with the help of the stars.

Adventure lovers often go camping and spend a few days on the Al Marmoon desert. You need to look out for all the available amenities to indulge in that or carry everything you could need. These options are enough to tell you why you’d need to take out time and visit a desert in Dubai.

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