Authentic Emirati Food In Dubai

Always looking for restaurants that serve authentic Emirati food? Emirati cuisine is a product of combined influence of Indian spices, Persian ingredients, Levantine specialties, and Bedouin lifestyle. One of the best places to eat traditional Emirati food is at the Dubai Festival which is from 21 February to 15 March every year.

Here are seven restaurants in Dubai that serve the best and most authentic Emirati food:

Al Fanar

al fanar restaurant

Al Fanar is a perfect combination of rustic-style decor and Arabia of olden days, with tall wind-towers, vintage lamps, and life-size Bedouin statues. Al Fanar restaurant chain has many restaurants spread in and around Dubai. The best dishes to try at Al Fanar are lentil soup, jesheed (baby shark with Arabic spices), and balaleet (sweet noodles).


siraj restaurant

The moment you enter Siraj, you are greeted by imposing arches, Arabic calligraphy, and horse sculptures which create an Arabian Nights ambiance. The food is a modern rendition of traditional Emirati food such as chicken biryani served with flatbread and mouhalabieh (Lebanese milk pudding) served with 24 karat-gold honey. The best dish to try here is grilled saffron prawns. It is the perfect place to go for a Saturday date night.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU)

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

If you are looking for something home-cooked, then SMCCU is the place for you. It is a regular program on tour itineraries where tourists taste traditional Emirati food and learn about the culture. However, visitors can go there to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner which is made using age-old recipes and traditions and customs of Bedouin meal.


milas restaurant dubai mall

Getting a seat in Milas is difficult if you don’t make a reservation. It is located in the Dubai Mall. As a complimentary starter, Milas offers cumin-sprinkled dangaw (cooked chickpeas) and Arabic bread. From machboos laham (beef curry with rice) to mbahar robyan (saffron infused rice with shrimps in spicy, creamy gravy) to luqaimat (a doughnut-like dessert) everything is so tasty that you would keep wanting more.

The Majlis

The Majlis is a favorite joint for tourists. With an Arabian decor and camel milk drinks, there is no reason why shouldn’t visit this restaurant. If you are comfortable with drinking camel drink, definitely try the camelccino. They serve various chocolate drinks, which is a must-try. If you are looking something light and refreshing, give the afternoon tea a try.


logma restaurant

Logma is a casual cafe, located in Boxpark, which serves authentic Khaleeji food. Some of the breakfast specialties are Chebab (Emirati pancakes) and khameer (flatbreads served with date syrup and cheese). The lunch options are a mix of western and traditional influence, such as salads and sandwiches. Don’t forget to try luqaimat (fried, sweet dumplings) and Karak chai (milk tea).


aseelah restaurant

Located in the heart of Old Dubai, Aseelah offers all the Arabic classics you can imagine about. These classic dishes are prepared and presented the European style. Poached Arabian lobster with herbed pilaf, pureed peas, and fennel salad is the most favorite dish of this place.

Head out to these places and indulge in the delicious food these restaurants offer.

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