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Working and residing in Dubai is very profitable. And, why not? Dubai is after all a mecca for luxury and opportunities. That said, it is still essential to remember that Dubai is a Middle Eastern city, located in an Islamic country. Dubai, like its fellow Emirates, holds Muslim traditions and laws in high regards.

namaz timings

So, it is crucially important for expats, tourists, and residents regardless of faith and nationality to respect the culture and especially the Salah timings of worship.

Salah or Prayer timing in Dubai

Salaf times refer to the times during the day when a practicing Muslim performs prayer or Salah or Namaz. The Salah times are standard all across the world and depend on the Sun and geography. Even though an exact time bracket isn’t present, all Islamic schools of thought agree that no prayer can be performed prior to the designated time.

Five daily prayers

Muslims in Dubai, like the rest of the world, perform five obligatory or Fard prayers throughout the day based on the position of the sun in the sky from their own location which is announced from mosques. Mosques announce Salah times through a call to prayer called Adhan.

Here you can check the latest prayer timings in Dubai

Below is a brief idea of when you can expect the prayers based on the sun in the Dubai sky:

  • Fajr is performed at the crack of dawn or the morning twilight as the sun starts to rise
  • Dhuhr is performed midday when the sun is passing its zenith or in layman’s term “highest points”
  • Asr is performed in the afternoon when the shadow of any object in the sunlight is supposedly the same length as the object
  • Maghreb is performed when the sun begins to set
  • Isha is performed when the sun has totally set and the nightfall begins

You can use a software or refer to azan clocks in order to be mindful of Muslim sentiments in Dubai.

Do switch of music during Adhaan and Salah

Even though personal freedom is in abundance, Dubai in line with its Muslim roots seeks tolerance and respect from the expats and non-muslim population during the Salah times. It’s expected that all music in cars, public places, and parks be switched off once the Adhaan is heard. So that no disrespect is caused to Muslims performing their Salah duties.

Drive by without causing trouble if someone is performing Salah

Since, Dubai strives to be a city of communal harmony there are certain things you should avoid doing during Salah times. When you are driving by in the vicinity of a mosque, mostly on Fridays, be careful not to honk or give grief to Muslims praying on the sidewalk for convenience or due to the crowd.

namaz timings

It tends to get hectic around the mosques so at times some people will park their cars and perform prayers at a lay-by or a street nook.

Some mosques are worth a visit

Jumeirah Mosque, Al Farooq Ibn Al Khattab Mosque, and Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque are the top three must-visit mosques in the Emirate.

However, there is a strict dress code enforced for women visitors of the mosques in Dubai. Long, loose clothing covering the knees and head is essential. Some mosques will lend you make-shift Abayas to wear over your clothing and a black headscarf.

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