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Escape Reality on the Sheikh Zayed Road is the baby of 22-year old Bhakti Khubchandani. A visionary in her own right, she has managed to open her escape room sites in the US, the UK and very recently in the UAE.

The World’s No.1 Escape Room Game

Escape rooms are a recent trend, and it’s the ever-expanding kind. In the last three years, they have become popular among younger crowds due to the interactive and thrilling experience. However, Miss Khubchandani takes pride in the fact that her Escape Reality caters to people of all ages and goes beyond the boundaries of generations when it comes to having a good time.

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Escape reality is largely marketed as “World’s No.1 Escape Room Game” and with good reason. It offers eight engaging experiences inspired by a number of subjects from horror Enigmista and Nosferatu to the thrilling Jungala and Alcatraz. And, if you like Dan Brown’s writing you will find pure joy in cracking the Da Vinci Code.

The themes

Bhakti addressed and assisted during the designing and framing of all the eight escape rooms that can accommodate up to 48 players at once. She sat with her team of architects, movie buffs, gamers, and the like to go over the plots and mysteries.

After discussing numerous elements and popular trends, the team based their escape rooms on themes ranging TV series like HBO’s renowned Game of Thrones, critically as well as popularly acclaimed movies like Jumanji, Ex Machina, Escape from Alcatraz and cherished genres like Vampires, Doomsday premises and more.

But for the faintest of heart out there, Escape Reality offers levels based on difficulties from beginners to difficult.

The premise

The premise at its core is pretty uncomplicated: a small group of two to six people must put logic, problem-solving, effective communication skills, and more to use to escape from the situation before your time runs outs. However, the “situation” or the plot is not like a literal puzzle or a jigsaw. These situations are mostly labyrinth-like almost blurring the lines between reality and virtual fabrication.

escape reality games dubai

You will have to act fast on the challenges that come your way to make your way out the escape room.

The takeaway

If you are someone who is always looking to seek something out of everything you do you will find yourself in for a sweet surprise. The escape room activities at Escape Reality will utilize your concentration to its full potential, send the creative thinking part of your brain into overdrive, and bring people closer while working as a team.

Setting Escape Reality apart from the other escape room game providers is the innovation, unmatched planning, and themes of the rooms, and the carefully curated plotlines of each game.

Other amenities

With a spacious area for socializing and corporate room alongside eight escape rooms, Escape Reality Dubai is appropriate for hosting birthdays, family excursions, friends’ day out and also to hold corporate retreats to promote team spirit.

Timings: 12 PM to 10:30 PM, from Sunday to Wednesday and 12 PM to 12 AM, from Thursday to Sunday

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