How do travel will look like after Covid-19

Travel is one of the first things we look forward after the pandemic.  As many countries closing their borders to tourists It’s also bound to be one of the last sectors to recover after quarantines are lifted. And until the time comes that the virus can be cured, travelers will be more cautious about boarding a plane, checking in at hotels, and visiting their favorite tourist spot destinations. Here’s what we can expect:

Road trips will be a thing

As much as we love getting to our destination quickly as we can, we can’t risk sharing the same air with hundreds of people at the airport or inside the cabin at least for a while. The classic road trip may become more popular, especially since there are places near Dubai that are just a short drive away.

Travelling solo

Physical distancing is one of the top precautions against contagious diseases like COVID-19. And while we love traveling with friends, the easiest way to distance ourselves from others and follow other health recommendations is by going on a vacation alone.

Wearing mask all the time

Let’s face it: Whether you are in grocery, shopping, catching a show, or stepping out to walk your dog, face masks are now a necessity. This will most especially be true after quarantine, as you’ll be vulnerable whenever you’re out until a vaccine is found.

Hotel buffets may no longer be a thing

The best thing about staycations is, of course, the breakfast buffet. You have a couple of hours (four, if you wake up early) to feast on crispy bacon, bowls of your favorite cereal, and unlimited dessert. But this also poses too much movement in a given space as guests go back and forth from their table to the buffet spread.


Few but Longer travel days

Going out now entails putting on “outside clothes” and immediately taking a shower and disinfecting your clothes when you get back home. That would mean having to take more clothes with you when you travel if you intend to keep up the practice at your Homebase, so fewer but longer trips would be the more efficient way to go. It’s a good excuse to make your next vacation count.

Author: Jessica Umerez

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