4 Amazing Things You Should Try in Dubai this Weekend

After easing the sterilization program and totally removed the curfew, a lot of people look forward to the weekends in Dubai. Going to the mall seems to be the default option for many. But if you’re bored with the mall activities and looking for something more, here are some adventurous and relaxing activities to try on Weekends!


Get a breathtaking view of the Dubai Creek Harbour sunset

There’s nothing quite like golden hour at Dubai Creek. When the sun starts to set, make sure to stop and take in this world-renowned view while going on a leisurely stroll along Dubai Creek Harbor.

Original Photo Source: Dubai Creek Harbour account


Experience Dubai’s nightlife scene

If you missed about Dubai’s nightlife scene, look no further than Barsha Heights. Whatever vibe it is you’re after, you’re sure to find the perfect spot if you look for it hard enough. Looking for bars with good cocktails and A laid-back pub with live music? The Lock Stock and Barrel is a perfect place for you.

Original Photo Source: The LSB IG account

Dine with refreshing garden cafe

A refreshing break from your run-of-the-mill dining experience, Rustic Mornings by The Farm Al Barari is a spot you’ll always come back with your family, friends and love ones. We love their Breakfast menu, and their finest Lunch and Dinner and Instagrammable location! Their charming ambience, coupled with their excellent menus, makes this restaurants great choices for brunches or intimate dinners.

Original Photo Source: The Farm IG account


Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Hamptons Cafe


Aside from the beautiful view and refreshing ambiance, the Hamptons is known for their mouthwatering cakes and pastries also my personal favorite. They served the best brunch in town. The Hamptons is Located in Jumeirah Islands.

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