6 Best Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for the best of Dal, Tandoori and Curry feast, we have got you the best of Indian cuisines in Abu Dhabi. No matter what cuisine you can think of, you are most likely to find it in Abu Dhabi. The Indian cuisine is a common choice for both locals and expats and there are several establishments serving the best of both North and South India. Check out some of the top places you’d want to book your tables at.

Biryani Pot

If you think that being in UAE means you’d only want to have middle-eastern styles to Biriyani, you are wrong. The Biriyani Pot at The Galleria of Al Maryah Island brings you to the Indian flavors of Biriyani. It is cooked in the traditional clay pot with the special Indian ‘dum’ method. You must try out the delicious chicken tikka before starting off with your choice of Biriyani.

Flavours of India

It might be tough to locate this restaurant, but they offer amazing delivery service with promptness and warm food. Flavours of India is where you’d want to turn to when you’re just too tired to go out to eat and you want to have some Indian specialties too. You must try the chicken Patiala made with boneless meat pieces, cooked in rich curry, and added with nuts. Their mutton biriyani is quite famous and you might also love the onion bhajis. They take orders till late midnight so you’re sorted!

The Yellow Chilli by Sanjeev Kapoor

The Yellow Chilli is located at the Dalma Mall and is owned by one of the renowned chefs from India. It serves you the best of northern delights giving you a touch of Punjab and Mughal dishes. The restaurant is set in a casual dining and is really affordable compared to most other Indian restaurants.

Kababs and Kurries

One more place where you’d get the best of north Indian delights is Kababs and Kurries. They serve you lovely tikkas and kebabs and accompany it with a traditional glass of Lassi. To have a proper lunch, you must dive into the specialties like the coconut prawn curry, Goan fish curry, and make sure of your spice tolerance. This place brings the most of India under one roof, even when they specialize in north Indian recipes.

Chappan Bhog

If you are looking for the best vegetarian delights from India, you must try Chappan Bhog. They serve you top three Chaat from India and amazing sweets that you won’t get anywhere in Abu Dhabi. The place is perfect to fill your stomach for breakfast and supper. You might also want to pack some sweets to take back home.


For tasting the best of South Indian recipes, you can come to Sangeetha at Electra Street. They serve you Idlis, Dosas, Vadas, with the authentic Sambar and Chutney as accompaniments. You must not miss out on the famous South Indian coffee.

India is a diverse country and having every specialty under one roof is tough. These options will open you up to the best of Indian recipes, and exhibit its diversities at its best.

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