A Moment of Glory

UAE has its fair share of celebrities coming in to the city for a gamut of reasons, may it be hosting a gala event, dabbling in property, adding their presence to a lavish party thrown by the rich and famous, or just for painting the town red with lots of greenbacks to splurge on. But it’s a very novel sight to lay your eyes on a celebrity, more so if you get taken in by their superlative charms or for that matter you are simply awe –struck. Hollywood or Bollywood does not matter as long as he is a hot shot celebrity with a few hits under his belt. Bet your last buck, that you will run at the speed of light to take a selfie with him, and with that smirk on your face, your little tryst with fame is worth being trolled. When was the last time you laid your eyes on a celebrity? Can’t remember but this was for

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