A Rocking Night in the Land of the Riches-UAE

UAE, the oil rich country and the land where every night promises to be an enthralling night laden with fun galore and rocking events that rob the daylights of you has a rollicking answer yet again! What better city than UAE to host a rock concert with a buoyant night life and a grand spectacle that is out to set your hearts on fire. This time, it is a rock concert gracing the starry sky of UAE and which has the crowd going bonkers with raptures of joy to foot-tapping numbers. A Concert of this magnitude gets the rock aficionados’ brimming with joy kicks off tonight with ticket sales getting out of hand. Not for any reason, do they call UAE as the land of riches where music and revelry is at its zenith. Speaking for the audience, they could not have asked for a better time and if the revelry gets out of hand, blame it on the rock stars for their brand of music that will get the heavens down.


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