All You Need to Know About Day for Dubai

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and Chairman of the Executive Council has started an initiative called Day for Dubai. It requires the people of the city to take out one day from their busy schedule and help the society with knowledge and kindness.

Day for Dubai is a non-charitable organization that needs volunteers who can give one day from the entire year and dedicate it to people who need their time, knowledge and care. The initiative not only opens up a way to get into social work but also to add compassion and tolerance among people.

Who can you help on your Day for Dubai?


Elderly people have a lot to teach you in return for your patience. There are many elderly people who feel lonely and might need attention. They have experienced the most of their life and have several tales to tell you. Attending old people will help you volunteer to their special needs and make them feel loved and cared for.

Children and Youth

You can volunteer for children and tweens to teach them a little about life. You need to express and communicate in such a way that they understand what you’re trying to teach them. It can be an interactive session that shapes their future a little better.

People of determination

On your Day for Dubai, you can spend time with the physically-abled to understand what they try to tell you and explore how you can comfort them. It is a nice way to determine their perspectives and figure out how to empower their lives towards more positivity.


You can take out a day to teach some of the valuable lessons on life that you have learned in your journey. These might also be skills that you want to carry forward to people who aspire to do what you do.


You can coach a group of people in the skill that you have specialized in. You can share your wisdom, experience and make them aware of how they can go about the skill.


People suffering from illnesses can also be attended to. You might counsel them to make them feel better and cared for.


If you have been much into fitness or sports activities, you can share your experiences and techniques with other people. You can spread all that you have learned and followed in your fitness regimen to make some more people have a healthier life.

Culture and Art

If you are interested in singing, dancing, and acting, you can spread your knowledge and skill to people who take these interest in art. This is a creative line that brings out the best of talent.

Environment and Wildlife

Dubai is rich in flora and fauna, and you can indulge in steps to conserve and improve the condition.

Tolerance and hope

The city of Dubai has lively people who are always helping each other. Add some more to it by lifting spirits and sharing good morals.

Apart from the above list, you can also help people if you are a good emergency responder or you can take your skills out of the nation and get into international volunteering. There are also other ways that you can think of to bring a smile on a few faces.

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