Top 7 Places that You Must Not Forget to visit in Bollywood Parks in Dubai

As the COVID restrictions are slowly mitigating globally, Dubai has become a tourist hotspot for travel enthusiasts across the world. Besides desert camping, luxury hotels, and plush malls, Dubai has a lot on offer. The Bollywood park in Dubai is one of the aces up the sleeves and has a great deal of excitement to offer to visitors across all age groups.

If you are a Bollywood movie maniac and eager to experience a filmy escape from the mundane, then it’s a must visit destination for you! The park is an ode to the Bollywood film industry. Whether you are looking for romance, comedy, action, or adventure, you will find it all!

7 Attractions You Cannot Miss at The Bollywood Park in Dubai

 Rajmahal Theatre

 You simply can’t miss the Rajmahal Theatre when in Bollywood Park. The Rajmahal Theatre represents the vintage period of the Indian cinema, viz. the state-of-the-art technology and the interior of the studio back in the early nineties. With a sitting capacity of about 856, the theatre looks like a royal place. You would love to witness the live shows.


 Among all the rides, we bet you’ would fall in love with Gauri’s Carousel, Bhuvan’s Wheel, and the simulating roller coaster of The Thrill Of Victory the most. The setup representing a traditional Indian rural village will provide you with the best view of a moving deuce ball.


The broadway-style Bollywood musical Jaan-e-Jigar is an innovative initiative of the Middle-East. The live dance show, coupled with action and romance, will definitely make you delve into Bollywood’s glorious past. You will witness the story of two brothers – Jaan and Jigar, in their fight against evil Marjani for ruling the kingdom in this 30-minute show.


Who hasn’t heard about this cult movie? Well, everyone, isn’t it? In Dubai Bollywood park, the multi-shooter ride in 3D  will send chills across your spine.

On arrival, you will be given a laser gun for shooting down the dacoits led by the infamous villain Gabbar Singh. Here, you can compete with friends in aiming and shooting down the mangoes and treat yourself with one if you shoot down any. Anyone above 90 cm can compete.


How can you ever miss this when in Bollywood Park in Dubai? The 19-minute show performed by ten stunts-men will surely keep your heart thumping. The sweet one-liners, along with music, Chulbul Pandey’s rescue of his girlfriend, and his encounter with rogues in a warehouse brings out the real spice of Bollywood.


 Don has been a fan favourite of movie buffs across decades. At the Mumbai Chowk in the Bollywood park, you will get a ride on the 3D motion simulator tunnel ride with Interpol agents to catch the Mafia running all over Dubai. The most exciting part is that Don will keep making fun of you with his cunning moves as you continually drive past Dubai’s royal buildings. Any wrong move and Don will slip away.


This flying theatre can be visited only by those who are above 120 cm of height. This ride will take you soaring over the 4D virtual skies of India, along with the Indian superhero Krrish. Sitting on the front row seat, you will enjoy India, while still in battle against the alien invasion in Earth.


Here were the top 7 attractions that you simply can’t afford to miss when in the Bollywood park in Dubai. Let us know in the comment section which one you found to be most exciting.



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