Few ways on how to deal stress and anxiety during the lockdown

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some individuals are filled with bursts of energy and can channel it through productive ways, while others take a longer time to bounce back. Rest assured we all have our own ways of coping with this crisis.

Although there’s no universal way to cope with anxiety, it helps to focus on the actions that are within your control. We’ve gathered a few specific ideas you might want to try. You don’t have to do all of these tips — just find what works for you!

Make yourself a cup of coffee

If there’s anything that will perk you up any time of the day, it’s coffee! Preferably iced coffee, now that the summer heat is upon us. There’s nothing more refreshing than a cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning or replenish your energy in the afternoon.

Turn on a relaxing playlist

Whenever you feel stressed, tune in to a playlist that helps you drown out the world. Some of the most calming and peaceful music comes from the nostalgic soundtrack and movies. If you’re able to work from home, putting on instrumental or ambient tracks in the background can help you focus as well.  

Watch light-hearted movies or TV series

Count on your favorite TV shows and movies to transport you to a world beyond your living room! Whether it tugs at your heartstrings or simply makes you feel happy about the world again, there’s plenty of comfort in discovering new things to watch on Netflix.

Pick up a creative hobby

To survive the stress of the COVID-19 outbreak, you need a creative outlet that you can pour your frustrations into. Feel free to take up painting, drawing, poetry, music, crocheting, singing, or any joyful hobby that will fuel your imagination when you’re feeling low. These leisurely pastimes offer something to look forward to, and they’re pleasant diversions to help you unwind.

Remember that your hobbies don’t have to look good or be profitable to be worth it. They just have to make you happy!

Get physical through exercise, meditation, or dance

Self-isolation can make you feel stuffy and cramped. More than staying physically fit, it’s important to release your anxious energy through movement. Turn your idle moments into calorie-burning home workouts that will keep you in tip-top shape!

Sleep early

Sleeping hours tend to go ignored during a time of crisis, but a lack of sleep can heighten the stress and nervousness that you feel with the COVID-19 virus. Depriving yourself of rest can affect your metabolism and drain your energy throughout the day.

Try to stick to a regular sleep schedule, rather than change your hours every night. Avoid suspenseful movies that will make your mind race. Above all, keep your gadgets out of reach and minimize screen time before going to bed.

Have quiet time for yourself

Steal away for some quiet time, so that you can process your feelings. Against an increasingly uncertain future, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with everything that could go wrong.

Sometimes your worst fears and feelings can play on loop, bottled up inside of you because they have nowhere else to go. Put them down in a gratitude journal — something precious to look back on after this madness ends.

Confide in someone who will listen

We could all use a mental health boost these days, even if the help is coming from our screens. Be sure to set aside time for online dates with your loved ones during the quarantine. Whether you have problems with sleeping or overthinking, you can pour your heart out to someone who will understand and sympathize with you.



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