Filipinos Enjoy 14 Day VISA Free Entry To Taiwan

If you are a Filipino and have some connection with Taiwan, like any of your family or friends lives in Taiwan, then this news is for you. Taiwan Government has opened doors for you and many other Filipinos like you. You can travel to Taiwan without a visa. Filipinos will get a visa-free entry from November 1 2017.

Filipinos Enjoy 14 Day VISA Free Entry To Taiwan

Needless to say, this move is not permanent at the moment. This initiative will undergo a nine-month trial period before the fate of this policy can be judged.

If you are planning to go to Taiwan for up-to 14 days then you can avail this visa-free entry policy. However, if you intend to stay longer than 14 days period then the process remains same for you. You will have to apply for a visa from Taiwan Government before you plan your trip.

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Teco) in the Philippines on Monday announced that this initiative will undergo a nine-month trial period, from November 1 until July 31.

According to them Filipinos can enter Taiwan without a visa for a period of 14 days if they tick all of the below requirements.

  • Filipino intend to travel to Taiwan under this policy must have an ordinary/regular passport with at least 6 months of validity. If your passport is not valid for next 6 months then you will not be able to avail this.
  • Filipino intent to travel to Taiwan under this policy must present a valid return ticket back to Philippine. Or if you are planning to travel anywhere else from Taiwan then you will need to present valid visa and onward travel ticket of your next destination.
  • If you are visiting any friends or family then you will need to spell out their contact information including address. If you are simply touring the country then you will be required to show your travel itinerary with necessary accommodation arrangements.
  • Last but the most important requirement is the visitor must not have any criminal record in Taiwan.

“Through these significant efforts, we will surely enhance our bilateral tourism, economic, cultural, educational and other areas of cooperation and exchanges which will eventually bring mutual benefits to the peoples of Taiwan and the Philippines” Lin said.

Such visa-free policy, he said, “enhances the mutually beneficial bilateral tourism, trade, investment, technology, agriculture, economic, cultural, educational and people-to-people cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and the Philippines.”

When the new visa-free entry policy comes in place on November 1 the old TAC & TECO will no longer stay valid. However you don’t need to worry if you have entered Taiwan before November 1 with any of the above system, you will continue to get the benefits of them, till your next visit.

Good move for both the countries, this will increase the revenue coming from travel & tourism. Happy Travel.

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