How To Stay Hydrated In Summer

Most people are too busy to remember to consciously drink water from time to time throughout the day. People are especially forgetful during summers and end up forgetting to quench their thirst for long periods of time. These people become highly susceptible to dehydration.

Severe dehydration can have detrimental consequences. Especially in hot summer weather, it is essential to drink plenty of water. Below are a few steps to follow to stay hydrated all summer:

stay hydrated in summer

Schedule your water intake

Drinking plenty of water is a given but some people tend to neglect water consumption and end up getting dehydrated. Make it a point to consume a minimum of eight glasses of water daily. You can make a daily routine for drinking water. Either by timing it with your meals or by simply downloading a wellness app that will remind you to drink a glass of water at specific intervals of time on the basis of your weight, age, and height.

Drink fruit infused water to detox

Water is obviously key for hydration and rejuvenation. But sometimes plain ole’ water seems too “plain” to drink during summer. A detox water helps give hydration a bit of flavor along with kickstarting the detoxification of your body.

Watermelon and mint infused water is an easy summer beverage. It will better your process of digestion and also get rid of stomach cramps. Alternatively, a Citrus fruit detox water is also excellent to sip on.

Sip herbal tea at evenings

Think of a daily glass of herbal tea as a de-stress activity. It will add a glass of fluid to your daily liquid intake and also leave you refreshed after a day of work. Instead of reaching for an energy drink, grab a hibiscus or a peppermint tea on your next visit to the supermarket.

If store bought herbal tea doesn’t impress you or has you convinced, you can prepare your own herbal concoction with dried hibiscus, ginger, chamomile or any other superfoods of your choice. The important part is that you drink it daily during evenings hours before dinner.

Make yourself a hydrating smoothie

Gather your favorite water-rich and flavourful fruits and vegetables, blend them with some unsweetened coconut water and add some protein powder if you want. You will be able to whip out a nourishing smoothie that will hydrate you and leave you refueled.

Snack on water-rich fresh produce

stay hydrated in summer with watermelon

By eating water-rich produce — fruits like oranges and watermelons and vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes and more you will instantly raise your liquid intake. Snackable fruits and veggies are always a better alternative to processed starchy packed foods.

Limit or avoid alcohol

Alcohol has a diuretic effect on our body. It raises the body’s need for water and makes you forget to drink water at the same time leading to dehydration. That’s why it’s commonly advised to drink alcohol in a limited amount or just cut back altogether during summers.

Remember staying hydrated will help your body maintain energy so it operates like normal.

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