Indian Moving To Dubai 7 Things To Know

A large number of people come to Dubai to seek employment and a better quality of life. Dubai has expats from all over the globe. And, the majority of the city’s expat population consist of Indians. With time many Indians are beginning to move to Dubai to set up businesses and not just for jobs. So, we have rounded up six essential things Indians moving to Dubai need to know.

dubai landscape

Summers are HOT

Indians have the disadvantage of coming from diverse climatic conditions because India is geographically vast. Even though Indian summers in certain states are no less hotter than Dubai’s normal climate, nothing can actually prepare Indian expats for the peak summer months beginning from May to July in the UAE.

Diverse environment

Although Dubai is a predominantly Islamic city, it is highly westernized presently. And, because the city has so many opportunities, expats from all over the world come to the city seeking jobs and better standards of living. That’s why when some Indians move to the Emirate they find the diversity surprising.

It’s mostly because Indians expect Dubai to have Arabs or at least Arab speaking population everywhere. But it can’t be far from the truth. In fact, Dubai takes pride in its diverse communities which live in harmony.

Tax laws and money

Familiarizing yourself with the Dubai tax laws and money matters is essential. Regarding tax laws, you ought to know that Dubai is largely tax-free. However, make sure you never sign a bad cheque. A bouncing cheque can land you in prison.


Essential paperwork like passports, attested academic qualifications, visa, and Emirates ID is more valuable than you think. Make sure your passport and IDs are renewed on time. One documentation out of place can be the stuff of nightmares in Dubai.

Accommodation in Dubai

The rent in Dubai is notoriously lump sum. Most of the time your landlord will ask for the entire year’s rent in a single cheque. This might be tough on the pocket but isn’t very surprising as some Indians are often subject to 11-month rent payments back home. You can learn more about rent in your area from Dubai Rera Rent Calculator

You don’t have to worry though. Almost all landlords are willing to haggle and divide the rent in three or four cheques, but that can possibly increase the total payment of your rent.

Driving and directions

Dubai is definitely a driving city. They have a fleet of Lamborghini cars for the Police, how wouldn’t it be a driving city? However, the number of cars on the road and the long distance between two exits can make driving seem crazy.

dubai landscape

People who have driving experience in Indian metropolitans will find the lack of shortcuts and the difficulty in navigation a little bit frustrating. But eventually, you will get it right.

Luxury and leisure

Virtually everyone is aware of the fact that Dubai is a tourism hotspot. But no one can actually comprehend the extent of luxury unless they come here for good. Indians will find something sociable and fun to do at all times once they move to Dubai.

Prepare to have the best time of your life in the ever-changing city of Dubai.

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