Japan Visa Made Easy

Indians has one more reason to visit Japan. Japanese Government has announced relaxed VISA rules for Indian Citizen traveling to Japan for business or tourism.

indian passport

This relaxed VISA application process not only simplifies the application process but this will help to attract more Indian citizen to apply for Japan Visa.

“In principle, applicants will be able to apply for multiple-entry-visa with only three documents –passport visa application form (with photo) and papers to prove the financial capability (for tourism purpose)/documents to prove the applicants affiliation to certain enterprises (for business purpose),” said the Japanese foreign ministry release, which was issued by the embassy here.

If you are not traveling to Japan for the very 1st time then there is more good news. You can be granted a 5-year multiple entry visa with a maximum stay of 90 days stay for each travel. Well, the catch is you must have made 2 trips to Japan within last 1 year. If you think you fall in this category then you will just need to submit your valid passport and fully filled VISA application form.

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