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Dubai’s JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) or the flourishing JLT neighborhood is fast turning into a food lover’s delight. You don’t have to go to Downtown Dubai for your favorite cuisines, comfort food or Instagram worthy foods anymore. You can find some underrated cafes and restaurants at the Clusters of JLT itself.

cafes in jlt

The neighborhood of high rise buildings has some of the other trendy food joint popping up every now and then. Below we round up some noteworthy JLT food spots.

Friends’ Avenue Cafe

Located in the cluster T, Friends’ Avenue Cafe is a quirky affair. Modeled after the urban New York avenues, the ambiance gives a very comforting vibe. Their menu offers some classic breakfast delights like almond croissants, and the main course which includes burgers, salmon, and steaks.

Price: AED 120 for two

Eat Artisanal Bakery

Formerly known as Nofara Cafe, Eat Artisanal Bakery is a cozy spot at Cluster Y. They are popular for the paleo offerings, hookah, and pancakes. They offer special mats and toys for people who come with kids in tow. Pay it a visit for some French brioche toast and some amazing egg preparations.

Price: AED 130 for two

Betawi Cafe

Established in 2007 in Karama, Betawi Cafe is a popular Indonesian food joint. Since its opening at Cluster D in JLT, Betawi has become a frequent dining spot for the residents. The cozy environment, authentic flavors, and low prices make it even better. The nasi goreng, nasi padang, sate ayam and most soups are worth trying.

Price: AED 130 for two

This Is Hot Dog

This Is Hot Dog may sound mouthful to say but the spot has been buzzing since the beginning of its operations. They offer a menu of gourmet hot dogs made of 100 percent natural beef. The menu has items like Japanese hot dog and Masala hot dog, with sides including fries and ginger tea. Also, worth trying is their brisket sandwich.

Price: AED 90 for two

cafes in jlt

Cafe Isan

Cafe Isan at Cluster M is renowned across UAE for being the first food joint to offer authentic Isan Thai food. Isan is the northeastern region of Thailand, which has a light cuisine of clear and spiced soups and curries. With keen prices, good service, and amazing menu, Cafe Isan is a must visit in JLT.

Price: AED 160 for two

Farsi Restaurant

Farsi Restaurant is a memorable Iranian joint at Cluster R. Other than the popular saffron rice and grills, the place also offers some decadent stews based on the day of the week, served with accompaniments like Irani bread and salads.

Price: AED 150 for two

IL Donaccino

IL Donaccino at Cluster D is popular for their eggless donuts. In fact, their vegan-friendly options are excellent in nutrition, as well as, taste. The menu is filled with numerous savory donuts and beverages like hot chocolate.

Price: AED 50 for two

Spice Kraft JLT

For a casual vegetarian meal, look no further than Spice Kraft JLT at Cluster I. They serve the best Gujarati and Punjabi food in the area. They also offer vegan options in the Indian cuisine itself.

Price: AED 100 for two

JLT is one of Dubai’s nicest residential areas and now you don’t have to go too far for some great food. If you are looking for other options then you must check out another selection of Restaurants in JLT

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