Mid Day Work Ban In Dubai

The obligatory midday work break in the Emirate has been enforced to be applicable from 15th of June to 15th of September. All companies in the UAE are supposed to give the hardworking laborers a break for two and a half hours from working in the direct sunlight without fail. It comes as good news to the laborers who work in open areas thanks to the Dubai Meteorological Office.

summer rule in dubai

Dubai Meteorological Office

The department of meteorology was monumental in the proceeding of the ministerial decision. As per their cultivated data, the average temperature in June is going to be as high as 39.7 degrees Celsius which is supposed to increase to 41.2 degrees and 41.4 degrees in July and August respectively. They did forecast the decline in temperature during the month of September, but it should be noted that average humidity in the said month can be almost 60 per cent.

Humidity complications are labourer’s peril

The steamy weather during the “summer” months in Dubai come bearing a range of problems. These months are especially difficult for outside workers because their work makes them highly vulnerable to heat-associated complications such as a heat stroke, dehydration, overheating, and sunburn. Even though in the last decade these instances have sort of lowered, it can’t be denied that heat stroke still remains the most common cause of death for laborers working during summer months.

Enforcement of mandatory midday breaks

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation or MOHRE alongside the Dubai Municipality are trying their best to oversee proper adherence of the regulation which will run from 12:30 PM TO 3 PM every day for three months. The committee has set up seven patrols consisting of three inspectors as deputies to the labor committee.

The senior government official Obaid Muhair Bin Surour who is the Gen. Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the city of Dubai stressed upon the enforcement of the regulation adding that the safeguarding of labourers, along with the provision of a safe working area was their topmost priority this summer season.

Penalties and exceptions

A penalty of Dhs 5000 per worker will be fined when the regulations are not followed. The penalty can go up to Dhs 50,000 if a company fails to give a break to multiple laborers.

mid day work ban in dubai

However, in a different statement, the MOHRE has declared that some workers are barred from the midday work ban rule. The workers include emergency laborers, workers mending infrastructure, sewage, water pipeline, gas lines and the like for obvious reasons. This exemption comes as no surprise because fellow GCC nation Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also implemented a similar rule with a similar exemption.

Additional relief requirements and inquiry

For the exempted laborers, the employers and supervisors are mandated to ensure the provision of salts, lemon, water, cold water, and more. The requirements were sanctioned by the federal health institutions to protect and facilitate first aid for the outside laborers.

The authorities have also compelled the employers to be timely circulate a list of work hours and break hours to inform the workers. Employers are also obliged to provide shade for resting, safety guidelines and advocate awareness to educate and encourage the workers about the summer circumstances.

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