Namaz Timings in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and it is more chill and less brash than its neighbouring city of Dubai. Think of Abu Dhabi as Dubai’s more mature and responsible elder sister.

However, the biggest contrast between Abu Dhabi and Dubai are their influences. Dubai is largely influenced by the West, while Abu Dhabi still sticks to their conventional Muslim roots. Being more politically significant, the Emirate holds modesty and religion on a pedestal.

namaz timings

It goes without saying that Abu Dhabi gives utmost importance to the Muslim prayer calls or Adhan. So, when the soothing prayer call reverberates in the streets of the Emirate, everyone is expected to stop playing the music or talking loudly or buzzing the horns.

Abu Dhabi takes religion, traditions and Muslim norms very seriously. At least far more seriously than Dubai. So, if you are travelling to or staying in Abu Dhabi, you are obliged to respect the Muslim prayers and traditions.

Namaz timings in Abu Dhabi

Namaz is the Persian word for Muslim prayer. It is known as Salah in Arabic. The Namaz or Salah times depend on the position of the sun in the sky as per one’s geographical location. Therefore, there isn’t a standard time frame for the five obligatory Muslim Prayers timings which are scattered throughout the day.

In Abu Dhabi, the timings can vary from area to area. These timings are determined through calculation methods as described by various schools of Muslim thinkers. The methods used are Juristic in nature and the time is then concluded with the help of the coordinates of the Latitude and Longitudes. The coordinates of Abu Dhabi are 24.667/54.3667.

For a tentative idea of what the Namaz timings can be, the following is a brief description of when you can expect the Adhan to be called out.

  • Fajr is called out when the sun begins to rise
  • Dhuhr is called out at the sun’s peak point during midday
  • Asr is called out in the afternoon
  • Maghreb is called out when the sun starts to set
  • Isha is called out when the nightfall begins

namaz timings

Most devout Muslims, expats, and Abu Dhabi residents refer to Adhan apps or digital clocks. It helps them remain mindful of the locals with no room for offending people. Remember, people in Abu Dhabi are not as liberal as the Dubai residents.

Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Whether or not you are a Muslim, you must visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque when you are in Abu Dhabi. The monument was built in the remembrance of its namesake, Sheikh Zayed, who is buried at the location.

With the countless domes, columns, and gold-plated chandeliers, the entire structure is an architectural marvel. It is surrounded by some reflective pools, which only amplify the mosque’s beauty.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Opening Hours

General visiting hours are 9 AM to 10 PM from Saturday to Thursday. However, the mosque is closed to tourists on Friday mornings for worship. But visitors are allowed after 4:30 PM.

You can check their hour-long guided daily walk-in tours on official website. You can know more about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque here.

Pro-tip for Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque visitors

Opt for the “Sunset Tour” at 5 PM. But reach the mosque half an hour earlier for a good photo opportunity.

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