Love Thai Sticky Rice and Mango? This restaurant sells it… as ice cream.

Sticky rice and mango— isn’t a great combination?! Or at least for a mango lover such as myself. Made with glutinous rice, fresh mango, and a generous amount of coconut milk, this traditional Thai dessert is creamy, sweet, and oh-so-satisfying! And although the rice makes it filling, the mangoes add a refreshing factor that cleanses the palate at the end of every meal.

But if you’re looking for a twist to this classic dessert, we found one… in the form of an ice cream! Same sticky rice, same pieces of mango, but with ice this time around.

Beyond just a dessert aims to elevate the ice cream experience. That’s why this shop puts a lot of thought into the ingredients that it uses, the way the ice cream is made and basically, everything that goes into making its handcrafted dessert. The result is a distinct mango and sticky rice taste in your ice cream—the kind that stands out from all the cream, and yet seamlessly blends well with the fruit.

But the series that caught my eye (and stomach) had to be Sticky Rice. Not only is sticky rice a sinker that you don’t see every day, but it’s something worth trying, too. On its own, sticky rice is simple and bland, but when paired with a mango, the ice cream itself has more body, making it more filling. It’s smooth, uninterrupted dessert all the way!

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