The New Food Watch App by Dubai Municipality Will Help You Get Healthier

The Dubai Municipality has developed a new food app that will digitally profile the quality of every food served in the eateries of Dubai city and help people choose their preferences with ease. It is going to maintain safety and nutrition, and update you on your mobiles so that you know where to eat and what to eat.

What is Food Watch?

The app is called Food Watch that offers a high-tech system to check the nutritional level of food sold through over 20,000 eatery establishments in the city. The app will connect everybody working in the food department under one platform.

The introduction of this app will replace paperwork done by food companies to maintain quality management and update customers about the dishes they’d like to eat and quality they’d expect.

The launch of Food Watch

The director general of Dubai Municipality, Hussain Nasser Lootah, launched the app on 11th Dubai International Food Safety Conference. He said that the platform enables people to customize their food selection as per their requirement. People will get the accurate location details, check what type of food is available and the ingredients added to it. They will have a complete detail on the organic food or healthy ingredients added to the dish.

Noura Al Shamsi , the head of Applied Nutrition and Permits Section in the Food Safety Department, said that all the food establishments in the city are going to registered under this system and customers will have access to it through mobile app and website. The app will make them trace the safety level and customize preferences. The app is now working on building database for adding different phases of food inspection.

Dubai imports food of around $200 billion from 200 different countries. It is essential to make sure that everything served is pure and of quality. The municipality is working with different governments and food industries to implement the digital system. They have issued circulars to inform all the food establishments about the current development. There is over 100 skilled personnel in the team who work to improve the database at every point.

What to look forward to in terms of food safety?

The implementation of data compiling begins with eateries and managing the high-risks of food. Every establishment has to update their information about food items, and the nutritional claims at every level. Every food establishment will have to give details of the premises and food handles that will help the inspectors and customers.

Noura Al Shamsi explained that the Food Watch app is the future of food safety in Dubai. The food purchases will follow this process till they host Expo in 2020. The authorities also informed that they have rights to take action against bad quality food and anything that can lead to diseases. The initiative was taken to mitigate the probable diseases borne by food, and that will be the primary agenda all through.

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