Tips on how to properly disinfect yourself the moment you get home from a public place

While social distancing is extremely implemented residents are encouraged

not to leave their homes as much as possible. However, essential services like pharmacies, grocery stores still open around the UAE in order to facilitate those who need to stock up on household necessities. To prevent acquiring any viruses and bacteria outside, we need to be vigilant about keeping ourselves safe and sanitized when heading out of the house.

Here are some handy tips for keeping yourself and home sanitized even when you need to head out during the quarantine:

“Do not leave the house unless there is an emergency or urgent concern.

Discard  your face mask and other protective gear

Once you return home,  Dispose your used protective gear in a sealed garbage bag and immediately put it in your Trash Bin to avoid any contamination.

Clean your shoes and Slippers

Sanitize your shoes thoroughly once you get home with a mixture of bleach and water in order to get rid of any lingering bacteria. To be safe, leave them on a shelf and do not wear them inside your room.

Leave your bag, keys, cash, and coins in a box near your front door.

Everyday items like loose change or your house keys can be quite dirty because of how often you hold them—more so if you bring them outside. Disinfect the items you brought outside with a spray bottle filled with water and bleach or a 70% alcohol solution as soon as you get home.

Wash your hands

Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer or alcohol by the door. As much as possible, do not enter your house without sanitizing your hands. If this is not possible, refrain from touching any object in your house without first washing your hands with alcohol, or better yet, Soap and water.

Wash your clothes,  you used in public spaces immediately

Take a shower the moment you arrive home. 

Designate a laundry bin for soiled clothes worn in public spaces. This may necessitate the placement of a tent or divider if you have one, so you can change in private. Immediately wash the outside clothes with bleach, detergent, and water.

Pay special attention to the areas of your body that were exposed. Use soap that has disinfectant capabilities, and scrub yourself for at least 20 seconds. Visualize getting all the germs off during your thorough bath!

It’s always best to practice social distancing and other precautionary measures when you’re out in public to prevent contracting the virus in the first place. Keep washing your hands. Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. In times like this, it’s always better to go the extra mile in doing what you can to keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy.

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