Top 10 Dishes to Try in Dubai That Serve as the Gateway to Heaven

Planning a trip to Dubai, but still don’t know what is on the platter for you? Well, that’s the scope of this article! From Iranian and Lebanese to Arabic and Indian, Dubai will keep craving for you more. Here’s a complete list of the best dishes in Dubai that every foodie visiting this city must try. No matter you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Dubai has something for all!


 Top 10 Must-Try Dubai Dishes


Manousheh is widely known as the ‘Piza of Dubai’ and is an excellent choice for food connoisseurs. If you are looking for an authentic Dubai cuisine and something luscious for breakfast, then don’t forget to try this flatbread filled with Akkawi cheese, olive oil, and earthy zaatar herbs. Owing to its taste and aroma, it’s liked by tourists and locals alike.

Iranian Sangak

Are you a dedicated bread lover? Well, then don’t forget to try the Iranian Sangak! As the name suggests, this dish originated in Iran and is now one of Dubai’s most popular cuisines. Made out of whole bread, it’s served plain or rectangular. The bread is gluten-free and is the go-to food item for both health freaks and foodies.

Chelo Kebab

If you are looking for the best food in Dubai, you must not forget to try Chelo kebabs. The aromatic saffron-scented basmati rice served with butter on kebabs will never fail to excite your taste buds. If you are to believe the locals, it’s out of the world and world and exceptionally tasty.

Al Harees

This is yet another mouth-watering dish in Dubai that you must not forget to try. The dish requires wheat, meat, and salt, and obviously hours of baking. Widely served during Ramadan, Eid, and weddings, it’s unarguably one of Dubai’s most popular traditional foods.

Al Machboos

The ease of preparation makes it one of the most sought-after dishes in Dubai for both locals and tourists. Rice, onions, and meat, seasoned with spices, salt, and dried lemon will definitely excite your taste buds. Don’t forget to try their salad and raita.


You will never run out of options in Dubai. Mandi is known all over the city for its mouth-watering taste and flavor. The dish comprises rice and meat mixed with spices, wherein the meat or chicken is cooked for hours and served with rice.


Oozie is one of the most popular cuisines in Dubai, which is usually served during weddings and Ramadan. It’s cooked with rice and usually served with chicken. You can also have it alongside yogurt or nuts for a relishing experience.


Though a vegetarian dish, its mouth-watering taste will never fail to mesmerize you. It’s primarily a salad that’s made from tomatoes, green onions, and cucumber, and then seasoned with fresh mint and lemon juice. Needless to say, it’s the best food in Dubai for anyone who is looking for a healthy option.

Kousa Mahshi

It’s no surprise that Kousa Mahshi would make it up to our list. Eaten primarily as the main course, its lip-smacking taste has made it a must-have for all food lovers. So, go ahead and treat yourself with a plate full of Kousa Mahshi.

Shirin Polo

 Thick, crispy tahdig crust and the wonderful garnishes make this dish awesome! It comprises basmati rice with carrots, currants, raisins, chicken, and nuts. If you are looking for a vegetarian dish that would excite your taste buds, then you must not forget to try this dish.

So, here was our list of 10 dishes that you must try when in Dubai. Comment below to share your thoughts and let us know which dish you think would make your heart crave for more.

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