Top 8 Places for New Year Celebration in Abu Dhabi

2021 is ready to welcome you with a warm hug! But, it’d be unfair to welcome the new year without celebrating it with a bash. With its amazing fireworks displays and a host of other entertainment options, Abu Dhabi has a lot of options on offer when it comes to new year celebrations.

In this post, we have scoured the Emirates to find you the best things to do in Abu Dhabi as the UAE welcomes 2021. So, keep reading without further delay!

Abu Dhabi Corniche Fireworks

There’s no point celebrating New Year in Abu Dhabi unless you witness a fireworks show. And, Abu Dhabi Corniche is the perfect place to experience the vibrant fireworks.

The joy of witnessing the dark canvas of the emirate’s night sky getting lit up is unparalleled. The waterfront at the corniche offers a spectacular reflection of the fireworks, multiplying the joy of watching the fireworks by manifolds.

Anantara Eastern Mangroves Pyrotechnics Show

The Anantara Eastern Mangroves would be hosting a spectacular fireworks display this year. If you love witnessing the dance of lights, you’d instantly fall in love with this spectacular pyrotechnics show. Watch it in awe as it lights up the Eastern Mangroves.

The festivities also include a range of New Year’s Eve events. The first one being the Countdown by the Pool at The Pool Deck, with a range of food and unlimited drinks on offer. The other one is the Up-Hi New Year’s Eve at the Impressions rooftop lounge, where you’ll have a chance to welcome 2021 with all the grandeur.

 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest in the world, with an accommodating capacity of 50,000. Located at the entrance of the Abu Dhabi city island, the mosque would give you an astounding view of the domes and white marble on the outside.

The amazing floral designs, the largest hand-knotted carpet and crystal chandelier of the world in the main prayer hall, along with other architectural marvels, would surely mesmerize you. The mosque being a unique combination of Persian, Moorish and Mughal architecture never fails to attract tourists across the world.

 Al Maryah Island

This capital hotspot celebrates the New year’s eve in great style and pomp. You can witness the thrilling fireworks while enjoying your favourite drink and food at many venues. You’ll also have a lot of events to choose from and make your new year celebrations worth cherishing.


Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

Celebrating the new year in Abu Dhabi is on the bucket list of many. Out of the many activities that you could indulge here, visiting the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival is the one that garners the maximum curiosity. This festival is celebrated every year to preserve the UAE’s heritage in particular and other civilizations of the world.

The festival usually begins in early December and continues till the end of January. The liveliness of this festival increases manifolds when the new year celebrations begin. The fireworks especially would keep your eyes glued.

Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium

Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain hosts some of the most beautiful fireworks display during the new year events in the city. The dazzling fireworks with all its pomp and grandeur will never fail to blow your minds off. The locals, as well as the tourists, visit this massive stadium to celebrate the new year.

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

If you loved watching cartoons in your childhood, then you’d find no other place as fascinating as the Warner Bros world Abu Dhabi. The park is home to popular cartoon characters and exciting rides.

The park is divided into six fictional worlds that are home to popular cartoon characters like Batman and Superman. That besides, there are several exciting joy rides like Tom And Jerry: Swiss Cheese Spin, Batman: Knight Flight, Fast and Furry-ous and the Jetsons Cosmic Orbiter. All these will keep your heart thumping every moment.

Emirates Palace

Your new year celebrations in Abu Dhabi can’t end without visiting the Emirates Palace. The best new year events in Abu Dhabi are arranged here and tourists across the world visit to get a first-hand experience. The massive fireworks at the private beaches will surely etch long-lasting memories in your mind.

So, here was our list of the top 8 places for new year celebrations in Abu Dhabi. The exhilarating ambience of the city would pump your motor neurons at every moment of your stay. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets for Abu Dhabi today!

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