Valentine’s Day Celebration In Dubai

If you are a part of the procrastinator’s squad, and have delayed making a Valentine’s Day plan till the last minute, we’re here at your rescue! In a place like Dubai, there is no dearth of options for things you could do on Valentine’s Day. Keep reading to find ways in which you could make this occasion memorable for your special one.

Road Trip:

If you and your partner are always up for an adventure, what could be better than a surprise road trip? There are many places around Dubai that are popular locations for road trips such as Fujairah, Khasab, Ras Al Khaimah and Dibba. Pack a picnic box, play some music and set off!


Dinner Date:

With a surprise romantic dinner date at restaurants like Accents or Couqley, you could make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable for your foodie partner!


Indoor Date:

If you and your partner are the laidback kind who only require each other’s company for the perfect Valentine’s Day, then you could simply order in and with a bottle of wine and your favourite movie, you could surprise your date with the best Valentine’s Day celebration.


We hope you enjoy this valentine day with your loved ones and create some wonderful memories for the years to come. Enjoy and have a wonderful Valentines week ahead from SimplyDXB Team.

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