We list these down for you: 5 Indoor Plants that are Perfect for Beginners

Photo by Huy Phan from Pexel

The houseplant became a new trend in social media platforms these days, like Facebook and Instagram, showing off their indoor garden is a new obsession for others. Many plant enthusiasts are jumping in the houseplant and garden bandwagon.

Plants are said to reduce stress and improve your house’s air quality, and who wouldn’t want them. Growing plants will require your time and attention, and if you do not have a green thumb, you might find it difficult to make your plants thrive. Thankfully, there are low-maintenance plants perfect for the beginner.

We list down these low-Maintenance plants that perfect for New plant parents.

Radiator Plants

This succulent-like leaves of the radiator plant vary in patterns and colors. Some are plain green, while others are white. It’s a beautiful houseplant that you can easily use to decorate your corner. A radiator plant can be grown in moderately lit spaces or even under a fluorescent light. Direct sunlight can burn its leaves, so don’t let it sit under the sun for more than 30 minutes. You don’t have to water it all the time.

Money Plants

This small plant is another great plant. Said to bring good luck, it can grow up to six feet depending on how big the pot is. Money plants prefer bright, indirect light, and can even tolerate artificial lighting. Wait for the topsoil to dry before watering, and do so thoroughly.

Selloum Plant

These shiny dark green leaves and usually takes up more space than other houseplants. Take care of it by watering thoroughly once a week, or twice during summer months. When placing it indoors, keep it where it can get moderate, natural light. A fair warning, though: This plant is considered poisonous; its sap, in particular, can irritate, so be careful!

Snake Plant

The snake plant has cylindrical leaves. It’s a great house decoration, especially when paired with a pretty pot. Caring for it is no fuss; you need to water it every other week. It’s also happy in various lighting conditions, whether in shaded areas or in spots that get a daily sunshine dose.

Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy is another low maintenance perfect for a new plant, mama. This pretty much lovely scalloped edges and thrives best in bright, indirect light. Place a pot in a partially shaded area, and watch its delicate tendrils slowly cascade as it grows.



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