What To Wear In Dubai Summers

“What to wear” is a question already hard enough for us. And it’s especially bothersome during the bloat-inducing, sticky, messy months of the summer season of Dubai. The struggle will almost make you not want to leave home. To solve this issue, here are some tips for everyday summertime clothing:

Always reach for cotton

Cotton is the most naturally breathable fabric. Cotton clothes absorb sweat and dry quicker than other natural as well as synthetic fabrics. Polyester, nylon, rayon and other fabrics are a big no.
Opt for looser silhouettes

A loose sundress will help your email cooler than a crop top and shorts. Because the looser the silhouette of your outfit, the less it will cling to your body. Loose flowy tops, dresses, and tunics help you remain fresh and not become sticky.

Choose light or pastel shades

The darker the shade the more light it will absorb. It will lead to feeling more hot and excess sweating while light colored clothing reflects sunlight and will let you stay much cooler.

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Avoid embellished clothes

Clothing which is embellished with ornaments, beads, studs, embroidery, heavy lace and chains and more will press upon your clothing. It will make your clothes cling to your body causing sweat. So prevent trapping your body heat and stick to minimal designs.

Wear sleeved tops

Even though a bit surprising wearing sleeves in the summertime is a good idea. Direct exposure to sunlight during summers tends to damage the skin in many ways including sunburns. It might also raise your body’s temperature levels.

Carry your sunglasses everywhere

Protecting your eyes and under eye areas during the summertime should be a priority. So, carrying your sunglasses with you will help you fight sun damage to the most sensitive portion of your face. And, where the sun’s not as imposing you can always use the sunglasses as a hatband to push your hair out of your face.

Wear layers which are not lined

Lined clothing especially outerwear is like having an additional layer between your body and the air around you. Lined coats and jackets don’t let your skin breathe and make you feel like you are in a steam room.

Swap backpacks for a sling

A backpack clinging to your back means more sweat on a summer day. Try to get rid of unnecessary things and adhere to only carrying essentials like ID, cash, cell and more. Carry the essentials in a sling bag instead of a backpack that will cling to your back and armpits.

Wear a sun protective hat

Sometimes the sun can be too much for your head to endure. That’s a good time to channel your inner celebrity with a lightweight wide brimmed hat. They not only protect your head but also your ears, face, and neck.

Wear little to no jewellery

Jewellery like chains, bracelets, heavy or multi-stranded necklaces will cling to your skin and block some cooling points on your body from getting any breeze. Sometimes donning jewelry during summer may even lead to irregular tans, skin complications, and sun injuries. A lightweight pair of earrings is your best bet at wearing jewelry without consequences in the summertime.

What summertime fashion tips will you use to keep yourself from becoming a sticky mess?

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