Enter Dubai

Moving to Dubai can be both exciting and stressful. The more you prepare the easier the transition will be. If you are moving to Dubai with children, this preparation is even more essential. Below are the steps you will need to follow in order to make the process smooth and easy:

UAE Visa

Whether you are visiting Dubai for jobs, stays, business trips, or holidays, you must have a valid visa.

UAE immigration process


UAE immigration belongs to the movement of non-native people into a country in order to settle in the UAE.

UAE Medical test process


As per UAE residence visa application process, all temporary or permanent residents from other countries in the UAE have to go for a medical test at a government medical facility.

UAE emirates ID Card


Emirates ID (EID) is mandatory for all legal UAE residents, including nationals, GCC citizens, expatriates, and residents.

UAE labour card

Labour Card

In the UAE, a labor card indicates to the workplace of an employee and other valid criteria, including candidate's age between 18-60 years,

Dubai residence visa

Residence Visa

UAE offers multiple types of a residence visa. Starting from Employment visa, family visa, students visa & more.

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