Dubai Residence VISA

If you land in Dubai for work purpose then you will need a residence VISA on top of your work permit. Sometimes the two confuses us. Residence VISA is actually sponsored by the company where you are working. The similar way your family gets the residence visa on your sponsorship. Residence visa is required for almost every step of life in Dubai. From as simple as a Bank account to buying a car. The tenor of your visa depends on your companies set up zone. There is mainly two type of that Free & Non-Free Zone.

UAE offers multiple types of a residence visa. Starting from Employment visa, family visa, students visa, domestic help visa & investor visa. In most of the cases, visa term is 2 years.

Usually, your employer will do all the paperwork along with the cost associated with the visa for you, once you land in Dubai. Make sure you talk to your company prior your arrival.

dubai residence visa

For all the expats it’s mandated to go for a UAE medical check prior to their residence visa application. This test can be conducted at Government hospitals or at clinic certified by UAE government to carry out the test. Talking about the test, it’s mainly to confirm that you are not living with few communicable diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy and HIV/AIDS.

If testing positive for any of these diseases it will lead to denial of a residence visa and deportation.

These tests are conducted every time the visa is renewed.

Companies in Dubai does process residence visa for your family under your sponsorships. Which means both your and your families’ visa stay valid until the time you are working. You can sponsor your parent’s visa as well, but there are certain requirements stipulated by the Department of Naturalization and Residency. You might have to show tenancy contract of a minimum 2 Bed Room apartment and your earning should be above or by the limit.

Generally, women may sponsor their spouse and children if they fall within the following professional categories: doctor, lawyer, nurse or teacher. If a woman is not employed in one of these categories, she may still be approved to sponsor her family based on her salary and with special permission from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

You cannot sponsor your boy/girlfriend unless you show a valid proof of relationship like a marriage certificate. Your family member can get their residence visa within 30 days from their arrival day in UAE

Depending on your visa term you will need to renew it by undergoing the same medical test. UAE gives an additional 30-day grace period to do so. We suggest not waiting until the last day to go for the renewal, as without the visa you will not be able to travel. So plan your residence visa renewal well in advance.

One more important thing to remember, if you are planning to stay out of Dubai or UAE for a length of 6 months then your residence visa will be canceled. So even if you plan to stay out of the country for a longer period then even make sure to pay a visit within given time, else you will have to go through the entire residence visa process all over again.

If you plan to move back to your home country or take up a new job in some other country you will have to go through visa canceling process. Your employer will do the process of cancellation of your VISA. Make sure your financial records are clean before that. Else you might find a problem while leaving the country or any future visit.

Once your visa is canceled you and your family member have up to 30 days before you say bye to Dubai. I’m sure if you are going out of the country for good then you will have a lot of shopping to do. All the best!

We do suggest all our readers check with their employer or respective official department of their own country, as the rules and regulations might change without prior information.

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