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uae Immigration


UAE immigration belongs to the movement of non-native people into a country in order to settle in the UAE. Immigration is also a part of a port or airport where your valid documents are examined by government employees when you as a foreign national enter the country. Dubai UAE immigration rules for the citizens of the 193 member countries of the United Nations, including EU members, fall under these 3 categories:

  • No visa required: For the GCC countries
  • 30-days visa on arrival
  • Pre-entry visa required

Israeli passport holders are not allowed to enter Dubai. High professional status people, who are not GCC nationals but who live in these countries, can obtain non-renewable 30-days along with sponsorship visa upon arrival. Keep in mind that Visitors with expired visas can be detained and/or fined. So, you better collect all necessary documents before you are screened at immigration gates.

After getting a valid visit visa at Dubai airport or from your native country, all visitors to UAE have to pass through some security checks by governmental officials after landing at the immigration gates. Immigration process involves the scrutiny of your passport, visa and other related supporting documents that include details of hotel and itinerary. At the arrival and departure sections, all visitors are checked twice.

It is likely that the immigration officer can ask visitors questions and demand documents for security reasons. Biometrics scanning and recording are also mandatory in the UAE.

In order to visit the UAE, you must have a valid visit visa depending on your country of origin. The process for a work and residency visa usually starts with the receiving the Entry Permit (Pink Copy) showing an allowance to work. It is followed by a blood test and an X-ray along with a fingerprint registration. Then, you need a stamp in your passport and the issuing of an ID card. At the immigration gate, you also need to offer the following documents.

  • Sponsorship registration with a license in the UAE and documents
  • Proof of a personal insurance
  • Attested educational certificate(s)
  • A copy of your passport and 6 passport photos
  • A copy of your labor contract and an approved rental contract

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