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Selected currencies in United Arab Emirates Dirham (Rates in 1 AED)

Oct 19, 2019

Indian Rupee(INR) 19.354(AED 51.669/INR 1000)
Pakistani Rupee(PKR) 42.456(AED 23.554/PKR 1000)
Bangladeshi Taka(BDT) 23.077(AED 43.333/BDT 1000)
Sri Lankan Rupee(LKR) 49.553(AED 20.181/LKR 1000)
Nepalese Rupee(NPR) 31.007(AED 32.251/NPR 1000)
Egyptian Pound(EGP) 4.426(AED 225.933/EGP 1000)
Philippine Peso(PHP) 13.965(AED 71.606/PHP 1000)
United Arab Emirates Dirham(AED) 1(AED 1000/AED 1000)
Afghan Afghani(AFN) 21.31(AED 46.927/AFN 1000)
Albanian Lek(ALL) 30.205(AED 33.107/ALL 1000)
Armenian Dram(AMD) 129.945(AED 7.696/AMD 1000)
Netherlands Antillean Guilder(ANG) 0.478(AED 2092.786/ANG 1000)
Angolan Kwanza(AOA) 122.247(AED 8.18/AOA 1000)
Argentine Peso(ARS) 15.872(AED 63.003/ARS 1000)
Australian Dollar(AUD) 0.397(AED 2517.795/AUD 1000)
Aruban Florin(AWG) 0.49(AED 2040.666/AWG 1000)
Azerbaijani Manat(AZN) 0.463(AED 2157.535/AZN 1000)
Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark(BAM) 0.478(AED 2090.035/BAM 1000)
Barbadian Dollar(BBD) 0.544(AED 1836.601/BBD 1000)
Bulgarian Lev(BGN) 0.477(AED 2095.821/BGN 1000)
Bahraini Dinar(BHD) 0.103(AED 9743.645/BHD 1000)
Burundian Franc(BIF) 508.004(AED 1.968/BIF 1000)
Bermudan Dollar(BMD) 0.272(AED 3673.203/BMD 1000)
Brunei Dollar(BND) 0.372(AED 2689.567/BND 1000)
Bolivian Boliviano(BOB) 1.883(AED 531.149/BOB 1000)
Brazilian Real(BRL) 1.12(AED 893.049/BRL 1000)
Bahamian Dollar(BSD) 0.272(AED 3673.203/BSD 1000)
Bitcoin(BTC) 0(AED 29170592.542/BTC 1000)
Bhutanese Ngultrum(BTN) 19.379(AED 51.601/BTN 1000)
Botswanan Pula(BWP) 2.965(AED 337.241/BWP 1000)
Belarusian Ruble(BYN) 0.555(AED 1802.295/BYN 1000)
Belize Dollar(BZD) 0.549(AED 1822.128/BZD 1000)
Canadian Dollar(CAD) 0.357(AED 2798.306/CAD 1000)
Congolese Franc(CDF) 452.194(AED 2.211/CDF 1000)
Swiss Franc(CHF) 0.268(AED 3734.172/CHF 1000)
Chilean Unit of Account (UF)(CLF) 0.007(AED 147710.487/CLF 1000)
Chilean Peso(CLP) 193.482(AED 5.168/CLP 1000)
Chinese Yuan (Offshore)(CNH) 1.926(AED 519.311/CNH 1000)
Chinese Yuan(CNY) 1.928(AED 518.688/CNY 1000)
Colombian Peso(COP) 932.702(AED 1.072/COP 1000)
Costa Rican Colón(CRC) 158.203(AED 6.321/CRC 1000)
Cuban Convertible Peso(CUC) 0.272(AED 3673.203/CUC 1000)
Cuban Peso(CUP) 7.01(AED 142.648/CUP 1000)
Cape Verdean Escudo(CVE) 27.082(AED 36.925/CVE 1000)
Czech Republic Koruna(CZK) 6.249(AED 160.029/CZK 1000)
Djiboutian Franc(DJF) 48.459(AED 20.636/DJF 1000)
Danish Krone(DKK) 1.82(AED 549.535/DKK 1000)
Dominican Peso(DOP) 14.436(AED 69.273/DOP 1000)
Algerian Dinar(DZD) 32.496(AED 30.773/DZD 1000)
Eritrean Nakfa(ERN) 4.084(AED 244.887/ERN 1000)
Ethiopian Birr(ETB) 8.087(AED 123.656/ETB 1000)
Euro(EUR) 0.244(AED 4102.934/EUR 1000)
Fijian Dollar(FJD) 0.602(AED 1661.331/FJD 1000)
Falkland Islands Pound(FKP) 0.21(AED 4768.149/FKP 1000)
British Pound Sterling(GBP) 0.21(AED 4768.149/GBP 1000)
Georgian Lari(GEL) 0.807(AED 1238.853/GEL 1000)
Guernsey Pound(GGP) 0.21(AED 4768.149/GGP 1000)
Ghanaian Cedi(GHS) 1.492(AED 670.291/GHS 1000)
Gibraltar Pound(GIP) 0.21(AED 4768.149/GIP 1000)
Gambian Dalasi(GMD) 13.816(AED 72.378/GMD 1000)
Guinean Franc(GNF) 2512.8(AED 0.398/GNF 1000)
Guatemalan Quetzal(GTQ) 2.114(AED 473.001/GTQ 1000)
Guyanaese Dollar(GYD) 56.833(AED 17.596/GYD 1000)
Hong Kong Dollar(HKD) 2.135(AED 468.312/HKD 1000)
Honduran Lempira(HNL) 6.733(AED 148.532/HNL 1000)
Croatian Kuna(HRK) 1.815(AED 550.87/HRK 1000)
Haitian Gourde(HTG) 26.066(AED 38.364/HTG 1000)
Hungarian Forint(HUF) 80.635(AED 12.402/HUF 1000)
Indonesian Rupiah(IDR) 3847.06(AED 0.26/IDR 1000)
Israeli New Sheqel(ILS) 0.965(AED 1036.558/ILS 1000)
Manx pound(IMP) 0.21(AED 4768.149/IMP 1000)
Iraqi Dinar(IQD) 323.968(AED 3.087/IQD 1000)
Iranian Rial(IRR) 11462.8(AED 0.087/IRR 1000)
Icelandic Króna(ISK) 33.913(AED 29.487/ISK 1000)
Jersey Pound(JEP) 0.21(AED 4768.149/JEP 1000)
Jamaican Dollar(JMD) 37.271(AED 26.831/JMD 1000)
Jordanian Dinar(JOD) 0.193(AED 5188.148/JOD 1000)
Japanese Yen(JPY) 29.502(AED 33.897/JPY 1000)
Kenyan Shilling(KES) 28.248(AED 35.401/KES 1000)
Kyrgystani Som(KGS) 18.961(AED 52.741/KGS 1000)
Cambodian Riel(KHR) 1108.03(AED 0.903/KHR 1000)
Comorian Franc(KMF) 120.372(AED 8.308/KMF 1000)
North Korean Won(KPW) 245.018(AED 4.081/KPW 1000)
South Korean Won(KRW) 320.954(AED 3.116/KRW 1000)
Kuwaiti Dinar(KWD) 0.083(AED 12108.736/KWD 1000)
Cayman Islands Dollar(KYD) 0.227(AED 4407.325/KYD 1000)
Kazakhstani Tenge(KZT) 106.251(AED 9.412/KZT 1000)
Laotian Kip(LAK) 2402.54(AED 0.416/LAK 1000)
Lebanese Pound(LBP) 410.874(AED 2.434/LBP 1000)
Liberian Dollar(LRD) 57.552(AED 17.376/LRD 1000)
Lesotho Loti(LSL) 4.029(AED 248.189/LSL 1000)
Libyan Dinar(LYD) 0.385(AED 2595.899/LYD 1000)
Moroccan Dirham(MAD) 2.613(AED 382.676/MAD 1000)
Moldovan Leu(MDL) 4.709(AED 212.347/MDL 1000)
Malagasy Ariary(MGA) 990.962(AED 1.009/MGA 1000)
Macedonian Denar(MKD) 15.008(AED 66.632/MKD 1000)
Myanma Kyat(MMK) 417.113(AED 2.397/MMK 1000)
Mongolian Tugrik(MNT) 726.377(AED 1.377/MNT 1000)
Macanese Pataca(MOP) 2.199(AED 454.703/MOP 1000)
Mauritanian Ouguiya(MRO) 97.191(AED 10.289/MRO 1000)
Mauritanian Ouguiya(MRU) 10.127(AED 98.742/MRU 1000)
Mauritian Rupee(MUR) 9.902(AED 100.989/MUR 1000)
Maldivian Rufiyaa(MVR) 4.193(AED 238.519/MVR 1000)
Malawian Kwacha(MWK) 199.417(AED 5.015/MWK 1000)
Mexican Peso(MXN) 5.201(AED 192.274/MXN 1000)
Malaysian Ringgit(MYR) 1.14(AED 877.393/MYR 1000)
Mozambican Metical(MZN) 16.94(AED 59.031/MZN 1000)
Namibian Dollar(NAD) 4.029(AED 248.189/NAD 1000)
Nigerian Naira(NGN) 98.416(AED 10.161/NGN 1000)
Nicaraguan Córdoba(NIO) 9.188(AED 108.836/NIO 1000)
Norwegian Krone(NOK) 2.494(AED 401.014/NOK 1000)
New Zealand Dollar(NZD) 0.426(AED 2345.353/NZD 1000)
Omani Rial(OMR) 0.105(AED 9539.709/OMR 1000)
Panamanian Balboa(PAB) 0.272(AED 3673.203/PAB 1000)
Peruvian Nuevo Sol(PEN) 0.909(AED 1100.42/PEN 1000)
Papua New Guinean Kina(PGK) 0.922(AED 1085.14/PGK 1000)
Polish Zloty(PLN) 1.044(AED 958.258/PLN 1000)
Paraguayan Guarani(PYG) 1762.81(AED 0.567/PYG 1000)
Qatari Rial(QAR) 0.991(AED 1008.844/QAR 1000)
Romanian Leu(RON) 1.16(AED 862.374/RON 1000)
Serbian Dinar(RSD) 28.663(AED 34.889/RSD 1000)
Russian Ruble(RUB) 17.369(AED 57.574/RUB 1000)
Rwandan Franc(RWF) 251.824(AED 3.971/RWF 1000)
Saudi Riyal(SAR) 1.021(AED 979.231/SAR 1000)
Solomon Islands Dollar(SBD) 2.254(AED 443.605/SBD 1000)
Seychellois Rupee(SCR) 3.732(AED 267.989/SCR 1000)
Sudanese Pound(SDG) 12.285(AED 81.401/SDG 1000)
Swedish Krona(SEK) 2.624(AED 381.124/SEK 1000)
Singapore Dollar(SGD) 0.371(AED 2692.783/SGD 1000)
Saint Helena Pound(SHP) 0.21(AED 4768.149/SHP 1000)
Sierra Leonean Leone(SLL) 2020.41(AED 0.495/SLL 1000)
Somali Shilling(SOS) 158.037(AED 6.328/SOS 1000)
Surinamese Dollar(SRD) 2.03(AED 492.519/SRD 1000)
South Sudanese Pound(SSP) 35.462(AED 28.199/SSP 1000)
São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra(STD) 5869.76(AED 0.17/STD 1000)
São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra(STN) 6.025(AED 165.983/STN 1000)
Salvadoran Colón(SVC) 2.382(AED 419.74/SVC 1000)
Syrian Pound(SYP) 140.173(AED 7.134/SYP 1000)
Swazi Lilangeni(SZL) 4.04(AED 247.52/SZL 1000)
Thai Baht(THB) 8.248(AED 121.242/THB 1000)
Tajikistani Somoni(TJS) 2.638(AED 379.022/TJS 1000)
Turkmenistani Manat(TMT) 0.953(AED 1049.485/TMT 1000)
Tunisian Dinar(TND) 0.769(AED 1300.593/TND 1000)
Tongan Pa'anga(TOP) 0.634(AED 1577.339/TOP 1000)
Turkish Lira(TRY) 1.577(AED 634.184/TRY 1000)
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar(TTD) 1.843(AED 542.647/TTD 1000)
New Taiwan Dollar(TWD) 8.318(AED 120.228/TWD 1000)
Tanzanian Shilling(TZS) 625.367(AED 1.599/TZS 1000)
Ukrainian Hryvnia(UAH) 6.738(AED 148.406/UAH 1000)
Ugandan Shilling(UGX) 1004.38(AED 0.996/UGX 1000)
United States Dollar(USD) 0.272(AED 3673.203/USD 1000)
Uruguayan Peso(UYU) 10.168(AED 98.351/UYU 1000)
Uzbekistan Som(UZS) 2572.01(AED 0.389/UZS 1000)
Venezuelan Bolívar Fuerte(VEF) 67648.8(AED 0.015/VEF 1000)
Venezuelan Bolívar Soberano(VES) 5089.08(AED 0.196/VES 1000)
Vietnamese Dong(VND) 6298.52(AED 0.159/VND 1000)
Vanuatu Vatu(VUV) 31.662(AED 31.583/VUV 1000)
Samoan Tala(WST) 0.72(AED 1388.777/WST 1000)
CFA Franc BEAC(XAF) 159.875(AED 6.255/XAF 1000)
Silver Ounce(XAG) 0.016(AED 64446.278/XAG 1000)
Gold Ounce(XAU) 0(AED 5473753.353/XAU 1000)
East Caribbean Dollar(XCD) 0.736(AED 1359.161/XCD 1000)
Special Drawing Rights(XDR) 0.198(AED 5058.911/XDR 1000)
CFA Franc BCEAO(XOF) 159.875(AED 6.255/XOF 1000)
Palladium Ounce(XPD) 0(AED 6475006.475/XPD 1000)
CFP Franc(XPF) 29.085(AED 34.383/XPF 1000)
Platinum Ounce(XPT) 0(AED 3259983.7/XPT 1000)
Yemeni Rial(YER) 68.156(AED 14.672/YER 1000)
South African Rand(ZAR) 4.024(AED 248.508/ZAR 1000)
Zambian Kwacha(ZMW) 3.598(AED 277.931/ZMW 1000)
Zimbabwean Dollar(ZWL) 87.662(AED 11.407/ZWL 1000)

* Rates are subject to fluctuation

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