Do’s and Don’t During Ramadan

The time of joy, faith, prosperity and eternal belief is here. Ramadan! It is a highly significant period of the year for Muslims. This festival reflects increased devotion. Islam being an official religion in Dubai, you can see the cultural values soaring at its peak. However, it is very much important to follow few dos and don’ts during Ramadan when you are in the Emirate.

Ramadan Do Dont


Accept Iftar invitation

Iftar is an evening meal post sunset. If any Emirati invites you over to his place for Iftar, be polite enough to accept the invitation wholeheartedly. You will surely get to experience the best of authentic Emirati culture. Make sure you carry a box of dates.

Ramadan greetings

Ramadan Kareem / Ramadan Mubarak! These are the Ramadan salutations. Make sure you greet people with these salutations when you meet them.

Dress appropriately

During Ramadan, one thing to follow specifically is the dress code. Be considerate about your attire when you are at public places. The ideal attire should be anything that covers your shoulders and knees. The fitting should be loose. Even if you are heading for a night out, avoid wearing revealing or tight fitting clothes in public during Ramadan.

Encourage charity

Make sure you actively participate in charitable and fundraising events during Ramadan. These also include Iftar meal drives throughout the month.

Be respectful and patient

Being patient and kind is one of the best ways to support the ones fasting.

Check working hours

During Ramadan, most of the shops, restaurants and government bodies follow flexible working hours. Make sure you check them before venturing out.

Flexible traffic patterns

During Ramadan, there is a heavy impact on traffic patterns due to change in the work timings. Normally, the peak traffic hours would be from 7 am to 9 am and 1 pm to 3 pm. You will also experience an additional rush from 8 pm to midnight.


Dining in public areas

As a sign of respect to the ones who are fasting, people are expected to avoid drinking, eating and chewing gum at public places. There are many restaurants with the discreet dining areas for non-fasting believers.

Be careful about the songs you listen

It’s better to use the headphones while you listen to your personal music in public since some songs may have offensive or unacceptable lyrics. This is bound to disturb the mental state of the believers those who are fasting.

Smoking at public places

Similar to eating and drinking, you are also expected to avoid smoking in public places during the fasting hours.

Dance and Music

Avoid playing loud music in your car at any time during Ramadan; be it on the beach or home. Of course, you can play music, just ensure that it cannot be heard outside your vehicle or house. Using headphones is the best way possible to avoid any unnecessary chaos.

Avoid driving close to sunset

During Iftar, people rush to break their fast, and since the roads are filled with huge mobs, it can be hazardous to drive during these hours. As most of the drivers would have stayed hungry all day long, there might be possibilities of weakness taking a toll on them.

Ramadan Kareem

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