Ramadan Fasting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Ramadan is known for the proof of tenacity, perseverance, tolerance, patience and restraint. The believers of Islam follow a strict schedule of fasting and polite behavior throughout this holy month of Ramadan just only to bring out the best human beings in them and they also believe that only when you perform Ramadan with a pure heart only then your prayers would reach and be accepted by Him (Allah).

ramadan mistakes

Despite following the restrictions during Ramadan many Muslims make mistakes which are very much unaccepted during this period. Here are the few common mistakes that you should take care and avoid during Ramadan fasting.

Neglecting prayers: There is a saying that reads that one who hears the call for prayer but does not respond to it is considered to have no prayer. So, from this, it is clear that neglecting your congregational prayers is not what is desired during this holy month of Ramadan.

Practicing vulgar speech and bad manners: During this holy month of Ramadan, you are required to keep your mind and soul in the purest form. Many do the mistake of saying vulgar speech and exhibiting bad manners which are a great ‘NO’ during this holy month. You should remember that fasting is a shield for you and if anyone fights with you, you may stop by saying that you are fasting.

Backbiting and rumor mongering: Speaking badly about others, spreading rumors is nothing but seriously compromising the motive behind fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. You cannot say about your brother what is true or even what is false about him. You can also not divulge secrets about others while you are fasting.

Laziness and listlessness: You cannot take fasting during Ramadan as an excuse for laziness or not working during this period. But, you are rather desired to work more and provide complete service to the mankind during your fasting days and through this only you would be able to get the fullest satisfaction and the purity of mind and soul which is the desired outcome of the fasting.

Excessive eating and drinking: As they fast during the daytime, many of them indulge into eating and drinking even sometimes overeating as well eating such things that they do not while outside Ramadan. You are also not allowed to smoke or drink while you are fasting. There are many people who cannot control and restraint from being grasped by such bad habits.

Getting angry: Some tend to take the shield of fasting and show bad behavior, anger to others unnecessarily and think that they would be excused. This is a gross mistake they actually perform while they are in the holy month of Ramadan. A fasting person needs to be polite and pure in his behavior and dealings with others around.

Women putting perfume and not wearing Hijab while going to the Mosque: No prayer of any woman who visits the mosque wearing perfume and without Niqaab/Hijab is accepted during this month of Ramadan. This is an exhibition of disrespect and dishonor for the supreme power, the almighty and should be avoided while you are fasting for Ramadan.

So, avoid these things during Ramadan and remain at your purest form to get your prayers accepted for your better being.

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