Things You Should Not Do At Work

UAE market is on the move again and many of the companies are expected to grow their workforce in the coming year. This means a lot of opportunities for you to move to a new job, or alternatively get your 1st job in Dubai or UAE.

There few things you should remember if you are planning your 1st job in UAE or looking for a change. Things you should avoid or not do while working in UAE.

things you should not do at work

Try not to be late

You should always plan your travel to the office. No matter how close of far you stay from your workplace. One thing every boss wants is you need to be consistent with your job timings at least when you come to an office. Once or twice in a month is still acceptable. However, you better have a good explanation for being late.

Don’t do anything Immoral or illegal

Dubai & UAE is well known for its stick rules. So, many people break so many laws all of the time, they obviously don’t think it’s a big deal. Don’t lie. Don’t set out to undermine your coworker. All of those things can seem fun at the moment, but if you’re busted then you might be up for a big problem.

If you are sick stay at home

As Dubai is a land of people from all over the world, hence you should be the reason for someone else’s flu if you are coming to work with that. If you are ill please don’t come to the office. You do get 15 full days sick leave (depending on the company). So, you better visit a doctor (every company gives medical insurance) and get well soon before you join.

Don’t eat in public during Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month, and every Muslim in the country fast during daytime. So, if they are fasting then you should not be eating in front of them. It’s illegal to drink, eat or smoke in front of someone who is fasting. Your company should have designated place for you to have your lunch.

Check your social media activity

Dubai is very strict when it comes to social media activities. You should always make sure your statements are not offensive or against UAE’s overall image. Recently one Indian expat living in Dubai lost his job and sent back to India forever because of his negative comments against one Indian journalist. You should always respect other people and should not be part of racially charged posts, office gossip and anti-religious views.

things you should not do at work

Do not go absconding from Job

everyone has a hard time in life. But if you are going through one then please let your boss or company know that you won’t be available for the job for some time. But never go on leave untold. This could lead to job termination and max a work ban depending on the Free or Non-Free zones you are working in.

Do not let your anger take you over

Every day is different. So you might face some problematic days when you may be angry on your collogue or client. But you should always have control over your anger. Don’t vent it out; if you are very angry then take a quick break. Calm yourself before you speak to that person. As we know once said words cannot be taken back.

So be ethical to yourself and to your job and you should do well in this uprising economy of UAE. Let us know what more you should not do at work.

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