Upcoming Holidays In UAE

With the end of Eid Al Adha, we have had the best of holidays in 2017 already. However, looking into the rest of the year, there are few days of relaxation in store. Read along to get the quick list and also figure out your off days to plan the perfect staycation.

List of the upcoming holidays in 2017

Hijri New Year – September 22

If you are looking for the next holiday the wait is not long. September 22 is Hijri New Year’s Day, and it is followed by a Saturday. People who have an off can plan a quick getaway. According to the lunar calendar, the New Year’s Day could also be on the 21st, while there are high possibilities of people having an off on that day too.

Commemoration Day – November 30

There are no public holidays in October and also not until the end of the November. If you cannot plan a trip this month, you must not miss out on the holiday due to the 3rd Commemoration Day held on November 30. In August 2015, President Sheikh Khalifa announced this day as a public holiday in the memory and honor of Emiratis who died serving their country. The date is significant as the first ever Emirati serviceman, Salem Suhail bin Khamis, had died on this day in 1971, while he was in his line of duty.

Although it is a somber occasion, it is followed by a Friday. This could help plan your staycation right away.

Prophet Mohammed’s birthday – November 30

Prophet Muhammad’s birthday is like to coincide with the Commemoration Day as that too is on November 30. This date is also determined by the Islamic calendar and we would have to wait until the last two weeks of November to know the expected date.

According to the Sunni Muslims, this event is celebrated on the 12th day of the Rabiulawal month. However, the Shi’a believers celebrate the day on the 17th day of the month. Both agree that the prophet was born in 570 A.D., but the date varies from one year to another. According to Western perspective, the lunar calendar doesn’t align with the solar. Hence, the holiday can fall in the months of December, January or February as well.

National Day – December 2

UAE’s biggest celebration is held on December 2 as it is the National Day. The following day is a Sunday and is likely to be off for the private and public sector employees. For those who have an off on Friday would get a straight three day off. After the National Day, you’d have to gear up for the New Year as January 1 is permanently a public holiday.

To sum up the entire schedule in a jiffy, the upcoming holidays to plan your staycation are September 22, November 30 and December 2. You must make the bookings in advance and get your leaves approved right away. Here is a list of staycation options around UAE.

If you know any exciting place for long weekend gateway please write in comments.

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