Renting A Place In Dubai

Now you have a good understanding where to live in Dubai. The next task is to find a good apartment or villa based on your needs.

Generally there are two ways you can approach a property for renting. You can directly contact owner or you can go via broker (which is generally known as renting agent).

In both cases you will require few documents to get this done.

Document required:

Generally agents will charge you a commission for the job. Which is technically 5% of the yearly rent. Apart from this, you might need to pay a deposit as well. Which is again 5% for most the time.

Once you have handed over all the above documents and payments are made then you should be given the key to your apartment or villa.

One you have the key then you will need to approach DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) for your water & power connection. You can apply for DEWA services via online or visiting any of their offices. This is usually done within 24 – 48 hours time.

Then another important thing that you need to do is your Internet and phone connection. As of 2017 April, there is only two telecom company that provides broadband services. However, you cannot choose any of them. It all depends on your area. Once you have the connection then you start setting up your new home in Dubai.

Please make sure to check the property rates before getting into a contract. Contracts are usually 12 months long. The best way to check how much you be paying as rent, can be confirmed by RERA Rent Calculator online.

It’s advised to you should handle DEWA and telecom connection yourself. It’s easier process and you will end up saving money.

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