Industries in Dubai

In the Arab world, the UAE is the 2nd largest economy and has been a great place to work for millions of people from all corners of the world since decades. Although the UAE economy and revenues are highly dependent on oil reserves and other fuel exports, yet there are also other industries that lure people from all walks of life work in diverse UAE industries.

The proud member of the OPEC and the world trade organization, the UAE also generates employment through other industrial verticals, including tourism, construction, manufacturing, and service industry. We try to guide you on general consultancy information on the industries and employment opportunities in the UAE.

Dubai Main Industries for Job Opportunities in UAE:

  • Petroleum and petrochemicals
  • Fishing and aluminium
  • Cement and fertilizers
  • Commercial ship repair and construction materials
  • Aerospace parts and financial services
  • Tourism and pharmaceuticals
  • Steel, handicrafts, and textiles

Other fastest growing industries in Dubai and UAE:

  • Advertising and media
  • Airline
  • Banking and Finance
  • Construction
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • IT and telecommunication
  • Management consulting
  • Oil, gas and petrochemicals
  • Real estate
  • Retail & Shopping

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