6 Things To Avoid In UAE

It is well known how much the Arab countries respect their federal laws. Be it, residents or tourists, all are expected to adhere to these rules and laws alike. As the UAE is picking up the pace & emerging one of the most sought after destinations globally in terms of business, innovation, and tourism, here are a few things, if not taken care of, can push you in a legal soup.

Laws relating to Exports and Imports

UAE is one of those few counties in the world that keeps a hawk’s eye on what is being brought in or taken out of their country. Items like drugs, sexually explicit articles, anti-Islamic things are strictly prohibited.

Also, some everyday things including specific medicines and edibles are also banned. If at all these rules are overlooked, the accused may land up paying fines and serving severe jail sentences. It is advisable to all tourists to have a detailed study of a list of banned articles in UAE before heading on their journey and be very serious about their customs laws.

Be Careful about your Clothing

Arabs are extremely strict and conscious about their dressing style and clothes. This becomes even more important for women. They are supposed to cover their bodies without showing parts like shoulder, stomach or back.

For women, wearing short or transparent clothes is considered offensive. For males, too it is important to make sure their chest is covered and underwear is not visible. Though some relaxations are given when around beaches and swimming but nudity of any sort is strictly prohibited.

thing you should not do in UAE

Don’t just keep clicking pictures

It goes without saying that Dubai is a shutterbug’s mecca. One just cannot stop clicking pictures of beautiful backdrops, mesmerizing structures, and fascinating people. But clicking pictures of someone without their consent is unacceptable in the UAE. It is mandatory to seek permission before capturing images of women and government buildings to avoid facing any legal consequences.

Abstain from Public Display of Affection

The UAE is highly conservative when it comes to interaction between males and females when in a public setting. A certain decorum is expected to be maintained. Holding hands, kissing, cuddling or any sort of physical intimacy openly is regarded as forbidden. For violating this rule, one can be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment, irrespective of being a local or a visitor.

Drunk Behaviour

Though alcohol is served and allowed to consume in the UAE, it should be only inside the premises of a four or five-star hotel. Drinking is most public places is prohibited. Also, any sort of drunk behavior outside the hotel premises is punishable.

For drunk driving there are harsh laws and can put you behind the bars immediately. It is advised to keep a check an on the level of alcohol in your system when exploring these countries to avoid landing in deep waters.

Careful Usage of Social Media

Though social media is a tool to express one’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions, it is not so easy in the UAE. The usage of social media is restricted and also monitored. It may sound surprising to many that users are prohibited from circulating snaps of road or aviation accidents, messages for raising funds and charity, clicking pictures of airplanes and such others.

Not just the content has kept a watch on, one also has to be careful about the language being used. Swearing, cursing, using foul language and emojis may lead to hefty penalization, jail or even deportation in extreme cases.

So, the next time you are in UAE, please be cautious.

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