9 Important Dos and Don’ts of Dubai & UAE

Planning a vacation in Dubai, or may be considering a move to the Emirate for employment or business? There are several essential pointers one must know prior to the holiday or while you immigrate.

Dubai is a city of opportunities and luxury. It is also one of the most hospitable places in the world. But it’s not the West, it is still a Muslim Middle Eastern city. So, in order to ensure your travel stays momentous without disruptions or to make your new residence feel like home, there are a few do’s and don’ts to consider.

9 Important Dos and Don'ts of Dubai & UAE


1. Wear modest clothing

You are not necessarily expected to wear an Abaya or a Thobe, but if you are out and about in public, it’s essential to dress modestly. Women are expected to be dressed conservatively to avoid the male gaze. Even males can’t be seen shirtless in public.

2. Check your prescription drugs

Drugs are extremely illegal in the Emirate. The federal government will show no mercy if anyone is found in possession of drugs. This law extends to the medicinal drugs too. Codeine, a common pain medication, is illegal in Dubai. Read all your pharmaceutical labels prior to your travel.

3. Follow the rules of Ramadan

In case, you are traveling during the month of Ramadan, make sure you do your homework on how to behave with respect to eating, smoking, and drinking.

4. Be cautious on social media

Trolling is a problem worldwide. But in Dubai, inappropriate or abusive social media usage can cost you a job or even your visa. Be mindful of what you post.


1. Drink in public

Being an Islamic state, alcohol consumption is against the law in Dubai. However, Non-muslims can buy alcohol from licensed places. But that doesn’t mean you can be seen drinking in public. In fact, even showing signs of being drunk is illegal.

2. Insult Islam or the rulers

The most horrifying thing a traveler can do in Dubai is an insult the religion or the Emir. Even though Dubai is free in many aspects, speaking out against the faith or the beloved rulers in public can be hailed as disrespectful. Both offenses can land you in hot water and be punishable because of the blasphemous nature of liberal opinions.

3. Use your left hand

In the Muslim culture, the left hand is used for body hygiene and sanitation. Due to the Islamic toilet etiquettes, it is considered unclean and offensive to use the left hand for greeting or consuming food. Avoid using your left hand so you don’t offend locals.

4. Let your cheque bounce

A bouncing cheque is a punishable offense in Dubai. Dishonored cheques may seem like a common error in other countries, but it can land you in the jail in Dubai. So, don’t sign cheques unless you have that kind of money in your bank account.

5. Take photographs without permission

Generally, it is frowned upon to click pictures without consent in any part of the world. But it is especially an issue in Dubai. Refrain from taking pictures without explicit permission – especially applies to snap a picture of local women.

Here is a list of things you should avoid in UAE

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