8 Things You Can Do In Dubai For 1 Dirham

Dubai has a reputation for being a luxurious playground for the elite and famous. It boasts of housing the world’s only 7-star hotel and more extravagant cars than one can imagine. So, if you think you might need a mortgage or end up in debt for a vacation here, you aren’t wrong. However, the city isn’t just responsible for liberating the wealthy of some bucks, it also lets people on a budget have a great day. You don’t always have to splash a lot of Dirhams in the Emirates to have an amazing time.

things under one dirham

Read on to find 8 things you can do in Dubai for 1 Dirham:

Bread from Ravi Restaurant in Satwa

You can head to the legendary and loved Pakistani restaurant Ravi to enjoy scrumptious parathas, naans, and rotis for a single Dirham. The pieces of bread are so good you might even be ready to pay 20 times more after taking in the aroma of it.

Buy a packet of Emirates Pofaki

Who doesn’t love inhaling little baggies of cheese-flavoured carbs? The answer is: Everyone. You are on a holiday so you shouldn’t feel guilty for skipping your gym hours and not sticking to your diet.

A Timbit at Tim Hortons

Are you curious about the fate of the rest of the doughnut? Well, at Tim Hortons they use it to make another bite-sized snack. You can buy a single Timbit for a Dirham. And, you can get ten Timbits for 9 Dirhams.

A cup of Karak chai

chai under dirham

Drinking the traditionally spiced tea beverage Karak from a streetside cafeteria is an essential experience when in the Middle East. Even though the drink cools down in half an hour, the warmth and feeling of belonging it gives you on the inside will last all your trip.

Visit Majlis Al Ghorfat Um Al Sheef

Majlis Al Ghorfat Um Al Sheef was built in 1955 as a vacation residence for the late HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. The house is made of coral rock and gypsum, with a date palm frond roof and a wind tower.

An ice-cream at McDonald’s

You can head to the nearest McDonald’s to cool down with the cheapest soft serve on the menu. For 1 Dirham you get your fix for cream and cone and the secret behind Ronald’s toothy grin.

Educate your kids at the Dubai Museum

You can never put a price on fun or education. But you actually can. You can have your kids discover the heritage of the city at the Dubai Museum housed in Al Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest building to exist in the city.

Your children will enjoy the life-sized dioramas of traditional houses and shops as well as some sections of the indigenous animal and marine life. The museum also includes an exhibition on pearl diving, in the presence of pearl merchant weights, scales and sieves. What’s best? You can accompany your child if you wish for just an extra 3 Dirhams.

Cross the Dubai Creek

dubai creek

Hoping on a wooden Abra is the best way to travel and take in the views of Bur Dubai and Deira for a Dirham. A ride on these chugging boats is one of the most culturally rich experiences in the city of Dubai.

All set to explore Dubai for just 1 Dirham?

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