How To Keep Your Skin Fresh In Summer

Summer season is mostly laid back and easygoing. However, an hour too long at the beach or ten extra minutes of biking can quickly create a problem to sideline the fun stuff about summer. Here are some steps to keep your skin fresh all summer long:

Dubai summer tips for skin

Drink plenty of water

Hydration is key. Drinking large amounts of water will keep skin dryness and irritation at bay as water moisturizes your skin from the insides. Your skin will retain its elasticity and stay healthy if you are well hydrated throughout summers.

Slather on SPF

Using sun protection creams or sunblocks is a rule one must follow all year round regardless of season, age, location, and sunlight. SPF helps avoid irregular tans and keeps your skin from aging prematurely.

Use facial mists

Facial mists aren’t as moisturizing as creams and lotions, and that is exactly what you need. Adding facial mists to your summer skin care routine will help avert the chances of scorched skin. What’s best? You can layer them under or over other products without worrying about pores.


No skin care routine is complete without moisturizing. Use a product that provides protection against early signs of aging. Opt for a lightweight, oil free product to use after cleansing and before sleeping at night.

Apply lotion all over your body

You body requires love as much as your face does. Find a summer friendly lotion that doesn’t have a sticky formula to apply after a shower. Your body needs to soak in the lotion to lock the moisture and rehydrate.

Use a foot scrub

Dry cuticles and peeling toes aren’t the best views with your bright summer flip flops. Keep a foot scrub handy near your shower to clean your feet once a week. Your feet will become softer and prettier.

Drink peppermint tea between meals

Sipping peppermint tea between meals make your cooler on the inside and also get rid of various skin issues. It clears your skin and is especially helpful for people with hormone related skin issues like acne. It also helps sooth burns and inflammation of skin.

Dubai summer tips for skin

Eat melons

Melons are hydration superheroes when it comes to skin and protection against aging. Both muskmelon and watermelon are beneficial for your skin. The cool snackable fruits have amazing moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties. It also promotes hair growth.

Avoid foods that don’t guarantee sun protection

Surprisingly there are foods that don’t ensure sun proofing and may even increase your sensitivity to the sunlight. Celery, fennel, lime, parsley, wild carrots, and figs are some of the summer produce that may make you more vulnerable to direct sunlight. So, try to avoid eating these during summers and if you do eat them do it in moderation.

Pamper your skin with weekly DIY face masks

Give your skin some much needed TLC with a DIY face mask once a week. Facials don’t necessarily have to be done at spas and salons. You can always find something in the kitchen to whip up a mask to make your skin glow.

Embrace the tips from above to make sure your skin stays fresh and glowing this summer.

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