The Effect of Alcohol During Summer

After a stressful academic year or months of work, the summer season is the official party season for a majority of the people. But the season comes bearing sunburns and other health issues. Even though the majority of health issues can strike anytime by any trigger whatsoever, an individual is more prone to some specific health issues when you consume alcohol.

alcohol effets in summer time

Read on to get an insight on the fairly common effects of alcohol during summer that you should watch out for:


Regardless of you drinking at home or at a beach in Cabo, alcohol is always going to have an obvious diuretic effect on your body. Your body loses the water intake instead of absorbing it. So if you planned to laze around by the pool and order alcoholic drinks frequently, make sure you are aware of the amount of water you are depriving your body of. Remember to alternate by grabbing a glass of water after every alcoholic drink you consume to stay hydrated.


Forgetting to apply and reapply sunscreen is fairly common. Even more so during summer when you engage in spending time at the beach or in your friend’s backyard sipping cocktails. Consuming alcohol will make you forget to wear sun protection and you might become painfully sunburnt. Try to keep an SPF 30 or more sunscreen handy near a water cooler or at the drinks table. If you are a forgetful person, set reminders on your phone.

alcohol effets in summer time

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke

A large amount of heat exposure can lead to heat exhaustion. It is characterized by various symptoms including cramps, swollen legs, fainting, and weakness. People who drink are at the risk of losing track of time and won’t realize how hot it gets to the point of exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion can fast upgrade to a heat stroke which is as bad as it sounds. It can be fatal in some cases. Heat strokes are triggered by alcohol consumption during exposure to very hot and humid temperatures. Avoid overheating by staying out in the sun for long hours.

Accidents due to intoxication

Alcohol and driving never gel well. Most people have learned it all their life, alcohol consumption can hamper your balance, alignment, and your overall process of thinking. After all most tragic accidents involving activities that include jet skis, ATVs, cars and more use of alcohol consumption.

alcohol effets in summer time

Risk of skin cancer

Alcohol during summer not only raises your risk of sunburn but also endangers your health by raising the risk of skin cancer. The ethanol in your alcoholic beverages may react chemically different and make your skin more vulnerable to the sunlight. It ends up making your skin cells more susceptible to melanoma which is a form of skin cancer.

Make it a goal to be extra careful when you’re sipping margaritas. As both limes, as well as lemon juice, make you highly sensitized towards UV rays. Some skin experts call it Margarita dermatitis and it tends to cause terrible burns in some instances. So, if you ever drop your margarita on you, make sure you clean up and apply SPF.

Do you still plan to sip on alcoholic drinks at the next pool party?

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