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Relive the moment of dinosaurs with the Lost Valley @ IMG World Dubai

The prehistoric lost world of dinosaurs is roaring back to life with a bang in the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zone. With hair-raising dinosaur rides and not-to-be-missed attractions, audiences of all ages can gear up to go back in time to a thrilling world that existed millions of years ago

img world dubai lost valley

The Velociraptor

Blast off on this thrilling adventure that launches from the prehistoric jungles of the Lost Valley- Dinosaur Adventure out into the desert of Dubai itself! Not for the faint-hearted. You think you’ve got what it takes?

Forbidden Territory

Want to see life-size dinosaurs roam the Earth? Enter the Forbidden Territory and be transported through time, get up close with some of the most amazing and terrifying creatures the planet has ever known. But don’t get too close! Are you ready to enter The Danger Zone?


What goes up, must come down. Journey through the jungles of the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure on the Predator, an unforgettable lesson in the power of gravity. Loops, exhilarating rolls. Nothing can prepare you the heart-stopping beyond-vertical plummet to Earth. Don’t look down!

Dino Carousel

Take a spin with the friendlier inhabitants of the Lost Valley- Dinosaur Adventure in a unique dinosaur themed carousel. But be careful. Some dinosaurs are more friendly than others.

Adventure Fortress

Learn the skills needed to protect the village from the dinosaurs of Lost Valley in this adventure playground. Have fun to explore ladders, tunnels, slides, bridges, nets and climbing challenges.

img world dubai lost valley

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