How to Get a Residency Visa in Dubai

Looking for Dubai Residency VISA information. Here are the 6 steps you need to know for UAE Residence VISA

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Are you planning to move to Dubai? The procedure to obtain residency is easy as long as you fulfill all the requirements. If you are immigrating for a job, your company will deal with the visa processing for you and sometimes also for your dependents – your spouse and children.

However, there are more ways to obtain a residency visa. Even though the process undergoes tweaks from time to time, there is a basic idea of how application, submission, processing, and collection work. With respect to the guidelines set by EIDA, below we discuss how to get a Dubai residency in detail.

Types of residency visa

The following are the list of residency visas available in Dubai:

  • Employee residence visa which is taken care of by the employer itself
  • Family residence visa used to sponsor spouse and children
  • Maid residence visa to sponsor a maid
  • Relative residence visa to sponsor parents, in-laws, siblings
  • Student residence visa for full-time college or university students
  • Investor residence visa for people investing over AED 70,000 in the UAE
  • Property residence visa for property investors

Things to remember

  • A UAE residency visa needs to be obtained for all nationalities except citizens of other GCC nations.
  • Most expat employees can be certain the company will sponsor their resident permit and labour card.
  • A residency visa holder is required to open a bank account, register for a car, apply for postpaid telecom plans, and obtain a driving license.


The following documents are required for the visa processing:

  • The typed form from an authorised application center
  • Salary slip or attested employment contract of the sponsor
  • Original passport of applicant
  • Coloured passport copies
  • Sponsor’s original passport
  • Attested marriage or birth certificate
  • Attested tenancy contract
  • Declaration of custody for step child
  • Reports of the valid medical checkup
  • 3 months bank statement
  • 3 passport photos of the individual
  • Health insurance for spouse, child or family member

Passport validity

For most nationalities, the applicant must have a passport valid for the next six months from their planned date of exit of their country of origin or the country they are visiting from.

For residence visa holders of Dubai, the period of validity is lowered to three months when entering the UAE or in and out of the UAE. But if you use the e-gate facilities, you are good as long as both your visa and passport are valid.

Visa process

  • Gather your visa documents and visit the authorised typing center for submission
  • Pay the fees and get the application form typed
  • Go to the GDRFA for submitting the application form and supporting paperwork
  • After the scan, the applicant will be notified of the application approval through SMS
  • Once you are notified, you can wait for the day to collect the passport with stamped residency visa from the Immigration department or nearest post office

Visa Fees

Most figures mentioned below are approximate, check with the departments responsible for Residency and Immigration for actual numbers.

  • An AED 5000 deposit per person is to be made by the sponsor
  • Actual visa doesn’t cost a limb – AED 120 for a year, and AED 360 for three years
  • Additional AED 100 is required for processing visa urgently
  • Medical tests may deprive your of another AED 200 or AED 300

Remember, the fees and certain aspects of the visa processing are subject to change, for clarifications consult the authorities.

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