Main Reasons For Dubai VISA Rejection

A visa is a universal norm to travel from country to country. Same is the case for tourists from non-GCC countries traveling to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other Emirate in the UAE. However, your luxury vacation plans to shop and treat yourself can get dampened if you fail to secure a tourist visa.

Like most official permits, your visa application to Dubai or an Emirati state can be rejected for a number of reasons. And, if you were subjected to a rejection in the past or are looking forward to applying, here are 9 Reasons for UAE or Dubai Visa rejection to look out for:

  • Suspicion of human trafficking
  • Profession in the passport
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Errors in the application
  • Blurred photostats
  • Prior tourist or employment visa
  • Unclear residential permit
  • Traditional patronymic or family names
  • Political issues with the passport country

We have also explained all of them down in detail.

dubai visa rejection

Suspicion of human trafficking

Dubai has become notorious for the incidences of human trafficking. And, that’s why off-late the visa authorities have increased measures to deal with the menace. If you are a woman supposedly traveling solo and belonging to a demographic of below 25 years of age, your visa could get denied on the suspicion of human trafficking.

Profession in the passport

Emirati visa may get denied if the mentioned profession is “unskilled” as per their criteria. The UAE authorities are known to deny a visa to farmers, laborers, and the like.

Permanent criminal record

Applicants with prior misconduct records in the GCC, UAE, or their passport country will have their visa applications rejected.

Errors in the application

If the paperwork you submit for the visa, have typos or errors in a number(s), name, spelling, codes, and other important details like date of birth, passport issue and expiry date, you might face rejection.

Blurred photostats

If the photocopies you attached to your application are blurry or the photographs are not clear enough, the UAE authorities will surely delay your visa if not reject it.

Prior tourist or employment visa

In the instance of previously approved yet unused tourist visa, you may become subject to a little delay or even rejection from the immigration authorities. So, better address the issue when you plan to apply for a new one.

dubai visa rejection

Secondly, if you had previously applied for an employment visa and failed to use it after approval, you will have to reach out to the PRO or the company you applied through to get the prior visa canceled.

Unclear residential permit

People who previously held a residential visa and whole leaving the country for good failed to get it canceled, then the authorities will deny your application for a tourist visa. So, it’s best to get your residential permit canceled first and then apply for a brand new tourist visa.

Traditional patronymic or family names

You might have to face a visa rejection if you are traveling with family and multiple people share a first name or middle name in the family. For instance, if a family of five files their paperwork together and three people share the name “Doug” they might have to clear that up before getting an approval.

Political issues with the passport country

In case your passport country is at loggerheads with the UAE, you might have to say goodbye to a tourist visa. This is to ensure the safety of civil life in case of the delicate political climate between the two countries.

Was your tourist visa declined recently?

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