What Are the Types of Visa in UAE

There are a number of UAE visas available to people of many nationalities, religious faith, and others. A visa applicant or requester will have to identify their own visa needs based on their purpose of the trip. For instance, touring, visiting family, work and business, transit, and immigration.

However, all kinds of visas will be subject to rejection or denial based on some factors. Factors like prior misdemeanors, unused visa or nationality can lead to a visa rejection. An example is people from Israel, Israelis are infamously denied access to all the Emirates in the UAE.

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Below we further discuss the types of visa UAE has to offer.

Visa on arrival for citizens of Western Europe and Pacific Rim

Most nations which fall under the Western European region and adjacent to the Pacific Ocean are all eligible for a free on-arrival visa. The visa acquired will be valid for 60 days. However, it is extendable for an additional 30 days with a fee of AED 500.

Entry service permit visa of Emirates

Many a time a person is delegated from a firm to perform a professional role in the UAE, like an auditor of account or manager of sales, which may require an immediate presence in the Emirates, then that person is eligible for an entry service permit.

This kind of permit will grant access to the professional and their accompanying family to enter the UAE for a short span of 14 days with no room for extension and, it costs about AED 220.

UAE visit visa

UAE is a hub of visitors for tour and family visits. Many expats who live in the UAE like to have their relatives come over for stay or family occasions or business even. UAE offers a Visit Visa to people who want to visit family or arrive on business.

For acquiring a visit visa, you need a sponsor, mostly a family member who lives in the UAE. The sponsoring relative is required to make a refundable deposit for the visa approval and processing alongside the submission of paperwork. This kind of visa is valid for 2 months after arrival and extendable by a month with a fee of AED 500.

UAE tourist visa

UAE tourist visa is an exclusive type of regular visit visa. It can be acquired by citizens of numerous countries. It enables you to stay in the UAE for 30 non-extendable days. However, you require a sponsor, mostly a tour operator or a hotel, to get the visa processed.

Multiple entry visa

The people who visit UAE frequently for business purposes can obtain a convenient multiple entry visa. It is a visa valid for 6 months which lets you stay in the UAE for 30 non-extendable days. It costs about AED 1000.

96 hours transit visa

When you have a layover at DXB during your travel to another count for more than 8 hours, you qualify for a 96 hours transit visa. Your airline can sponsor your stopover visa.

Remember overstay of all kinds of visa is chargeable by AED 100 for each extra day. So, determine your visa needs carefully.

UAE residence visa

You can get Dubai residence visa up to 3 years depending on where your employer is operating from. There are many free zones in Dubai where you generally get 3 years residence visa and work permit.

Note: VISA fees are indicative only, we strongly suggest you to check with official people before applying for Dubai VISA.

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