Bringing Your Pets To Dubai

Pets have become a part of our daily life. But if you are planning to move to Dubai or any other part of UAE then you should read more about the process it requires to bring them in.

There is a multi-fold process before you can bring your pets to Dubai & UAE. On top Pets needs to be carried in cargo hold of an airline.

You will need to obtain an import permit for you can see your pet in UAE. This import permit has many paperwork and test.

However you can choose to seek help of pet relocation companies working in UAE to manage all your paperwork prior to your pet arrival.

If you choose to do it yourself then below are the list of things you will need to take care.

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Pet Microchip: Your pet must be microchipped with an ISO 11784 chip that is a 15 digit and non-encrypted. If you have any other microchip, which is not ISO 11784 compliant, then please keep your microchip scanner handy.

Import Permit: You must apply for the import permit from Ministry of Climate Change and Environment either online or by an in-person visit. Note this permit if valid for 30 days only and can accommodate only 2 pet/permit. So, if you have 3 or more then you should obtain multiple permits.

Vaccinations: You pet must have a valid vaccination card. Rules are different for different animals.

Health Certificate: An original Veterinary Health Certificate for the United Arab Emirates must be by the government of the exporting country responsible for the import and export of animals. Unless you are traveling from the United States, this certificate must attest that your pet was visually examined during the 24 hours prior to export and found clinically healthy and free of external parasites.

If your pet is entering the UAE from the United States, then the certificate is good for 10 days after issuance by your pet’s veterinarian. If you are traveling from the United States this would be the State USDA office or the CFIA office if traveling from Canada.

Parasites Check: Make sure to have your dog or cat checked for internal or external parasites check 14 days prior to travel to UAE.

Above are the main checkpoints if you are planning it yourself. Apart from these you will always have to look out for best options to keep your pet happy and fit.

As Dubai & other parts of UAE are very strict when it comes to a pet. Most of the apartments are not very welcoming to pets. Pets are not allowed to visit any regular park for walks. So, please jot down all that you might need when you have your pet in Dubai or in UAE.

Once you bring your pet in UAE, then please make sure to keep them vaccinated every year. Make sure your pets wears the disc on its collar at all times (when they are outside of your home) else they could be picked up by authorities as a stray.

Once you plan to move out of the country or want to relocate your pet back home. Then an export permit is required. This can be obtained from Cargo village of Dubai, international airports of Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. Note it’s advised to visit export permit department at least 5 – 7 days prior to travel.

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